Kinesis Freestyle Edge First Split Mechanical PC Gaming Keyboard

Kinesis Corporation, the ergonomic keyboard leader, has announced the exciting new Freestyle Edge, the first split mechanical keyboard designed specifically for PC gamers. Kinesis is taking their 25 years of experience building computer peripherals to launch Kinesis Gaming, a new division focused on designing a full lineup of high-performance gaming accessories.

The Freestyle Edge was designed to match or exceed the features of other top-of-the-line gaming keyboards, but what makes this keyboard unique is that it’s split into two halves, which are connected by an adjustable linking cable.

“We’d always known that gamers were using our ergonomic keyboards because of their comfort, but those keyboards were never designed for the extreme demands of gaming,” says Dylan Hargreaves, Vice President at Kinesis. “When we started hearing about the rash of injuries in the eSports community we recognized that we had the expertise and the technology to create a keyboard that would change the way people play video games forever.”

Hargreaves explains that the rationale behind using a split keyboard for gaming is quite simple. Most games only require the use of the keys on left side of the keyboard, so a split keyboard gives gamers the flexibility to move the right key module out of the way and position their mouse, joystick, or other peripherals in the most optimal position. Conventional keyboards force the user to place their mouse in an awkward position, which is especially problematic for gaming where extended sessions are the norm. However, the Freestyle Edge gives gamers total control over keyboard and mouse placement resulting in more comfort, stamina, and performance.

Freestyle Edge Features:

100% plug-and-play on Windows, Mac, Linux & Chrome
Onboard macros & remaps
10 customizable layouts, each with 2 layers
Macro speeds up to 150 actions-per-second
No-install SmartSet Programming App
4MB onboard memory
Blue LED backlighting
Cherry MX switches (Choice of Red, Blue & Brown)
20 adjustable, braided linking cable
8 game keys
Detachable Palm Supports
Optional Lift Kit and Palm Pads

The Freestyle Edge is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter through April 7, 2017 with special early bird pricing, and has captivated the imagination of serious gamers, with the campaign having already exceeded 85% of its funding goal in just its first week. Kinesis Gaming will deliver the initial batch of First Edition Freestyle Edge keyboards to backers early this summer. The Freestyle Edge will be available for purchase this fall, with a list price of $219.

For More Information:

Kickstarter Campaign Page:

Twitter: @KinesisGaming




Source: Kinesis

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