New Ruggedized 13-Inch MacBook Pro Case Offers Drop Protection

Gumdrop Cases have announced that their new 13-inch MacBook Pro case is now available online. As with all portable laptops, it’s easy to drop or ding the MacBook while carrying it around the office or house. Any visible damage can void the warranty, since Apple does not cover accidental damage.

With the new DropTech case from Gumdrop Cases, your new 13-inch MacBook Pro (with or without Touch Bar support) is protected from scratches and splashes, spills and other everyday accidents and mishaps.

Gumdrop notes that the DropTech MacBook Pro 13 case is its most rugged case design yet and also protects from disastrous, damaging drops. The DropTech’s unique design strategically employs a combination of rugged and high impact materials that protect the edges and corners of the MacBook from normal use and repeated abuse.

The bumpers in each corner are made from 10mm thick silicone to maximize protection without being overly bulky. Beneath the protective bumpers is a transparent Polycarbonate inner top shell. The shell is tough and lightweight, allowing for lasting protection from general wear-and-tear. Plus, it’s easy to clean and can show off the iconic Apple logo, asset tags, school logos, or anything else you need to add to your MacBook Pro.

Installation requires no tools, no sweat. Just slip the MacBook Pro into the case, and give it a simple snap and click. It will stay on when you open and close your MacBook Pro, allow access to all ports, and provide proper ventilation so your MacBook doesn’t overheat.

Case protection is important for keeping a MacBook Pro within warranty, and saves users from spending a considerable amount of money on repair (or even full replacement cost).

Gumdrop Cases advocates that while you can settle for a hard shell case, or a sleeve of some kind, those may only help protect from scratches and splashes. Zippered sleeves can get left behind. Clip-on shells can pop-off at the first hint of trouble and don’t always offer adequate protection. Any serious drop can crack the screen or casing, or damage the insides (including the battery) – even with your MacBook covered in a hard shell or sleeve.

In fact, Gumdrop Cases warns that just a single one-foot drop can dent the notebook’s casing, so it’s better to protect your MacBook as soon as possible to keep it looking great and free from damage.

You don’t have to be a klutz or walking disaster to worry about your computer hitting the ground or getting scratched up from regular use. You could simply be:

* Someone who uses their MacBook in the field and need something to protect it
* A student who carries their MacBook between home and class
* A commuter who knocks out some work with a MacBook on their lap
* An employee carrying their MacBook around the office and into meetings
* A teacher who stores MacBooks in a cart
* Someone who slips their MacBook into a briefcase or bag often

Whatever the situation, if you’re a mobile, on-the-go Mac user you should protect your new MacBook Pro with a good, rugged case. And, if you actually are a bit of a klutz, then it shouldn’t take any further convincing to protect a computer that cost you well over $1000.

The DropTech case for the new MacBook Pro is now available in a Black/Smoke color combination for $69.95 (USD) and fits MacBook Pro 13″ models A1706, A1707 and A1708. For more information, please contact Tim Hickman.

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