BBEdit Power Tool For Text 20 Percent Off During Summerfest Sale

BBEdit is Bare Bones’ text processing powerhouse app for anyone who needs to process large amounts of textsuch as database exports, logs, or mailbox files via text factories and its multi-file “Extract” search command.

Also a toolkit for beginning and advanced web authors,
BBEdit’s internal & browser preview commands and syntax checking are helpful for folks just learning HTML, while experienced web authors appreciate its clippings, project documents, site management features, and built-in Git and Subversion support.

A few examples of the many features BBEdit offers:

  • Preview web pages live as you edit them, or open them into any browser
  • Find or Extract all text matches from multiple files
  • Complete set of HTML Tools for fast, easy, and correct markup–including document and site syntax checking
  • Configure web site projects for one-click upload via FTP or SFTP
  • Text completion via ctags, clippings, document symbols, and language keywords
  • Powerful Clippings system
  • Easily work on files managed by Git and Subversion

BBEdit is currently 20% off during the Summerfest sale (until June 30, 2017)

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Source: Bare Bones Software

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