AnyTrans 6.0 Lets Android Users Switch to New iPhone for Free

iMobie has announced the release of their flagship product AnyTrans V6.0 with free iOS Mover. Available for both Mac and Windows, now users are completely free to transfer most types of Android data to iOS, to iTunes, even to iCloud. Adopting cutting-edge technology, it provides an easier way for Android users to transfer almost all their data, or just some of them, seamlessly to iPhone. Furthermore, AnyTrans also includes two more powerful free y features: Media Downloader and iCloud Manager, for enhancing the experience of using an iPhone.

“As new iPhone is on the way, many Android users may consider switching to iPhone. Given that iOS is different from Android OS, we’d like to help all the iPhone switchers transfer their old but valued Android data to iOS without hassle seamlessly,” said Frank Kong, CEO of iMobie Inc. “So, adopting cutting-edge technologies, we broke the boundary between iPhone and Android, developed iOS Mover to help iPhone switchers transfer the most types of Android data to their new iPhone, even to iTunes and iCloud. As well, users can flexibly move all data, or parts of data to iPhone with ease, all for free.”

Free AnyTrans features:

• Transfer the most Android data to iOS, iTunes and iCloud:
With AnyTrans, you can freely transfer almost all Android data to iPhone, to iTunes and even to iCloud, such as contacts, messages, photos, music, even settings like wallpapers, brightness and more. Better still, you can just select parts of data or even a single item to transfer.

• Move to iOS in just three steps, no more complexity:
You just need to connect your Android phone and iPhone to computer, and select whatever you want, then transfer your data to the corresponding App in iPhone with compatible formats automatically. No need to reset your iPhone or turn on airplane mode on Android, everything on iOS Mover becomes very easy.

• Enjoy online video at anywhere and anytime:
Media Downloader allows you to bulk download videos and audio from Instagram, Vimeo, Facebook and other 900 sites. You can save them to computer, or directly to your iOS devices with both compatible formats and the best resolution.

• Fullly master all iCloud contents in a safe way:
No worries anymore. You can now safely access iCloud and sync contents across multi-iCloud accounts. Besides, all your photos, videos, contacts and more are visible and well-arranged so that you can upload/download them with simple drag-n-drop.

iOS Mover, Media Downloader and iCloud Manager are free features in AnyTrans, a free trial of which you can download from iMobie’s official site. An AnyTrans single user license is $39.99.

AnyTrans 6.0:

Free iOS Mover Feature:

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Source: iMobie Inc.

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