Wired Keyboards for iPad Make iPads Serious Writing Tools, Apple MFi Certified

Sunrise Hitek’s Wired Keyboard is now Apple MFI Certified. This keyboard is available with 8-pin Lightning or 30-pin dock connector and is 100% compatible with all iOS devices, tested with the latest version of iOS.

This keyboard takes school iPad usage to the next level. When paired with an external keyboard like Sunrise’s, the iPad becomes a serious writing tool. According to http:// ipad.appstorm.net, there are definitely added benefits to using an external keyboard for iPad. They state: “…Paired with an external keyboard, though, the iPad is an even better writing machine. Just like serious artists may want to invest in stylus for iPad painting, if you’re regularly writing hundreds of words on your iPad, it might be time for a real keyboard. You can still type on-screen when you want, but for longer pieces, the keyboard will help you type your fastest.”

Wired keyboards are recommended over Bluetooth for large deployments and standardized tests due to their superior reliability, reduced interference, and easy management. This keyboard is made from a high grade white polycarbonate frame with white plastic keys and provides the best and smoothest typing experience of any third party keyboard including dedicated short-cut keys for frequently used iOS functions. No batteries are required, the keyboard is solely powered by the iOS device.

As with all Sunrise products, bulk pricing is available on quantity orders. Keyboard dimensions are: 11.25×4.75×0.6875; Weight: 11.4 oz.

Buyers can choose a model compatible with all iOS devices with 8-pin Lightning port, including the iPad Air, Air 2, Mini, Mini with Retina, Mini 3, iPhone 5/5S/5C, 6, 6 Plus, or the 30-pin dock connector, compatible with including iPad, iPhone.

“Overall the wired keyboards have been a huge hit with schools. Sunrise has received a lot of positive feedback such as this: I am happy to offer great feedback on the [iPad wired] keyboards. We ordered only 6 to have a classroom trail test the keyboards on the iPad minis that that classroom has. I was able to set up the iPads with Microsoft Word and set up printing from the iPad to a network printer. Our teachers are interested in getting more keyboards.” ~ Ray W., Charenton, LA

Sunrise’s iPad Wired Keyboard is the perfect companion to their iPad Slim Tough Case. Slim Tough case highlights include a dual-layer rugged design including a protective silicone skin over an inner hard case and a naked frame for the very best touch experience, which is 100% stylus compatible. The Built-in stylus glides smoothly on the glass screen and keeps it clean. Handy magnetic closure keeps the folio cover shut when closed and the strong kickstand with stainless steel pins provides superb stability.

Price: $45.00

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Source: Sunrise Hitek

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