Retrospective. A Look Back At The Top 5 Stories Of 2018 In The ‘Mac Potpourri’ Column

FEATURE: 01.31.19 With 2019 now a month old, we would be remiss to not reminisce about the year that was — the very first year of the “Mac Potpourri” column — so today we look back at the past year of coverage and share the most read stories of this writer from 2018.

The “Mac Potpourri” column by Joe Leo.

When you click on the link to any one of my articles, you are just a single individual of many in the worldwide web who are reading that story. While some websites show how many page views an article has received — some even have a Facebook plugin that shows how many people have liked an article or the old fashioned hit counter at the bottom of the page — MacPrices does not have that feature at present but behind the scenes, however, we receive statistics on page views from WordPress, the system that our site is built upon.

And that leads us to a short list of data which includes the articles and the number of page views or “total hits.”

From May to December (this column began in May), the following are the top five most read stories of 2018 here on “Mac Potpourri”.

No. 1: 46,782 Total Hits

Apple May Have ‘One More Thing…’ To Announce Before Year’s End

NEWS: 10.15.18- Steve Jobs, the late co-founder of Apple, Inc. and its former CEO, was famous for ending his keynote addresses that unveiled the tech giant’s newest products with “one more thing…” which usually included an additional announcement to surprise the audience and this just could be the case with Apple reportedly rumored to be planning one last special event before the end of the year to unveil a slew of new Mac related products.

No. 2: 30,390 Total Hits

Apple Should’ve Created A 4-inch Smartphone With The iPhone XR Concept Called ‘iPhone SE 2’

EDITORIAL: 09.19.18- Apple created the new iPhone XR as an entry level model catered to those on a budget and to bring the high end experience of the iPhone X to the masses at a lower price but I believe they made a mistake in the device’s size and should have made it a 4-inch smartphone with all, or most, of the features of the X and called it the long rumored/expected and desired “iPhone SE 2.”

No. 3 20683 Total Hits

Yet Another Vulnerability on Macs Allowing Hackers Access Discovered

NEWS: 09.03.18- As you take a break from laboring on your Mac this Labor Day holiday, you might want to know about another method that has been discovered allowing a hacker to gain access to a Mac which involves the simple click of a ubiquitous everyday peripheral and it occurs without the user even performing the action themselves.

No. 4: 15,529 Total Hits

Get A Job With Apple, The No. 3 ‘World’s Best Employer’

FEATURE: 11.16.18- If you are a fan of Apple, Inc. and an avid user of any one of its vast array of tech gadgets, why not take it a step further and work for the company behind those products you admire and love?

No. 5: 12,826 Total Hits

iPhone 2018 News: Apple Event, Availability Date, Rumored Features, and Leaked Photo

NEWS: 08.24.18- Apple fans everywhere around the world are just a few weeks away from finding out what the Cupertino, Calif.-based technology company will be announcing in regard to the next generation of its smartphone device lineup.

If you missed any one or all of those top stories, be sure to click on the links provided to read the entire article as only a short preview — the story’s headline and lead — is featured here.

Of the top five stories listed above, I think my favorite one would have to be about getting a job with Apple as I had a chance to interview three Apple employees, two current and one past, who were all personally associated with me (two former students of mine during my years as an educator, and the other a high school classmate), and one of the things I like to do as a journalist is to tell people’s stories and share them with the world and interviewing each of them, albeit featuring them anonymously (due to the stipulation by Apple for its employees not to speak to the media), was another chance to do just that and an example of such.

However, probably my most favorite story that I wrote last year out of the 32 Total articles written and published in 2018, was the one titled "A Very Memorable Visit To The Mothership At 1 Infinite Loop In Cupertino" — a story that only received 8,162 total hits, not enough to make it into the top five — because it was during my first ever (and only) trip to the former Apple headquarters where I bumped into the very man himself: the late co-founder and former CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs! (If you read it, you already know the details. If you haven’t, then go check it out!).

If you want to read any stories you may have missed from 2018, you can find them on a new page on this site — in fact, it just went live online today — called The “Mac Potpourri” Archives where you will be able to see all articles published from previous years, organized by category and by year (of course), listed in descending order with the newer content on top. To go there, head to the main page of this column, and click the corresponding link under the section labeled “archived content.” (Eventually, only articles published during the current calendar year will be featured on this column’s main page).

Writing is a passion of mine and covering Apple and technology in general is one of my favorite topics to cover and it has been a pleasure to write for you and great to know that I have an established audience of readers in the tens of thousands! Thanks to all of my readers for stopping by, whether if you are a regular reader of the “Mac Potpourri” column, peruse these pages every so often to see what’s new, or if you only came by once by way of a Google search for a specific topic you were looking for.

And, whenever you stop by, be sure to share your thoughts by leaving a comment on the story (found at the end of each article — you must be logged in to your Facebook account to do so) or drop me a line at my email:

2018 was certainly a busy year of coverage during the inaugural year of this column. Look for more great stories on “Mac Potpourri” — from news, features, product reviews, commentaries, editorials, and special series (Retro Reading and People Profiles) — in 2019 and beyond!

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