Key Features To Expect From Forthcoming Release Of iOS 13

NEWS: 04.17.19- Details regarding a handful of key features from the forthcoming release of iOS 13, the next major version of the world’s most advanced mobile operating system designed in California by Apple, Inc, have been leaked and the “Mac Potpourri” column has the lowdown on all of the new upgrades coming soon to the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Earlier this week — Monday to be exact — the website 9to5 Mac was given an exclusive sneak peek by sources associated with the development of iOS 13 who spoke to writer Guilherme Rambo who in turn divulged to readers all of the details that were shared with him.

According to Rambo’s author profile on 9to5 Mac, he is a Mac and iOS developer based in Brazil who is known for discovering Apple’s secrets and analyzing leaks which he writes about on the website: case in point, hitherto unreleased information on iOS 13.

In his article, Rambo wrote about the following new features expected in iOS 13:

  • Dark Mode- there will be a system wide dark mode that can be enabled in the Settings app, including a high contrast version similar to the one which is already available in MacOS Mojave (version 10.14).
  • Multitasking- for the iPad environment, specifically, apps will have the ability to have multiple windows with each one also being able to contain “sheets” which initially are attached to a portion of the screen but can be detached with a drag gesture that transforms into a “card” which in turn can be moved around anywhere on the screen and, in addition, can be stacked on top of each other or flung away with a gesture.
  • Undo Gesture- on the iPad, in place of the current undo procedure which requires a user to shake the device (and also on other iOS devices), there will be a new undo gesture for inputting text which is a three finger tap on the keyboard area followed by a slide to the left and right to undo or redo typing.
  • Safari Desktop Version- previously on the iPad, websites in Safari for iOS sometimes would choose by default the mobile version specifically designed for smaller iPhone screens but now will automatically select the desktop version of a website.
  • Font Management- it no longer will be necessary to install a profile in order to use new system fonts and a new font management panel will be found in the Settings app in order to facilitate this.
  • Smart Mail- the updated Mail app is getting an upgrade and will be smarter featuring the ability to organize emails into categories (e.g. non important) that can be searched as well as being able to add emails to a “read later” view similar to that found on third party mail apps.
  • Drag & Drop- for third party document-based apps, there will be new gestures which allow one to select multiple items (e.g. in table view) and perform a drag & drop of selected data, for instance, similar to the same process in the Finder on MacOS and features already found in Apple productivity apps like Numbers and Pages.
  • Status Bar- different style status bars will be a new feature allowing for example, light or dark, for each side of a split view in an app.

Rambo also reported other changes including a redesigned Reminders app (which will also find its way onto MacOS), a new volume HUD (heads up display), better “Hey Siri” rejection for mistaken noises (e.g. laughter), improved multilingual support for the keyboard as well as dictation and expanded in-app printing controls.

Apple is expected to unveil iOS 13 at its annual worldwide developers conference, WWDC 19, which will be held in San Jose, California from June 3-7, 2019. No word yet when the mobile operating system will officially be released and be available for download for installation on iOS devices nor what the minimum system requirements or hardware specifications will be to qualify for the upgrade.

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