Verizon is offering the new 2019 10″ iPad Air and iPad mini for up to $200 off Apple’s MSRP…here are the details

Verizon is taking $200 off the cost of a new 2019 10.5″ Apple Pad Air or 7.9″ iPad mini for a limited time. Their discount includes $100 off Apple’s MSRP when you choose a 2-year contract with your purchase, plus an additional $100 discount when you add a new iPhone to your plan.

The fine print: “$100 instant discount off retail price of iPad w/ device payment purchase. $200 promo credit requires device payment purchase on both iPad and iPhone; Up to $200 promo credit applied to account over 24 mos. w/in 1-2 cycles; promo credit ends when balance paid or line terminated/transferred; 0% APR.”

Verizon’s promotion reduces the cost of a 64GB iPad Air from $629 to $429 and a 64GB iPad mini from $529 to $329.

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