Apple, Inc. Ranks No. 16 In List Of ‘America’s Best Employers’ For 2019

NEWS: 04.30.19- Apple, Inc. has placed in the top 25 of the best employers in the nation coming in at number 16 out of a list of 500 total from a report recently released by Forbes magazine.

In this November 2018 photograph taken at Apple Bay Street in Emeryville, California, a pair of Apple retail employees on the job, left, stand byready to provide assistance while behind them, customers receive help from other employees. (Photo: Henry Leo)

The list of “America’s Best Employers 2019” — separated into two types: large companies with more than 5,000 U.S. employees and midsize companies with 1,000 to 5,000 U.S. employees (with Apple classifying in the former group) — was compiled in collaboration with a leading provider of marketing consumer data, Statista, to rank the companies on how well liked they are by its own employees.

In comparison, on this year’s list of the nation’s best employers are Apple competitors Google coming in at number 6 and Microsoft coming in at number 38.

The Cupertino, California-based tech company also has ranked as follows in these other categories as detailed in a separate report by the business oriented magazine (which was focused squarely on Apple):

  • No. 12- “Canada’s Best Employers 2019”
  • No. 16- “Just Companies 2019”
  • No. 171- “Best Employers for Diversity 2019”

Forbes notes that unless listed in bold type (see original linked article for verification), companies do not pay a fee for placement on the list and is determined independently by the magazine.

Last year, Apple was ranked number 3 in the “World’s Best Employer” category by the magazine in its extensive list for the best of 2018.

That piece of information was the basis for a related feature in this column on getting a job with Apple and in the article, one former employee shared their thoughts — on condition of anonymity (by choice, though Apple is known to have very stringent policies preventing its employees from speaking to the media) — about having worked in a retail position for six years with the tech company.

“I immensely enjoyed working for Apple,” said the former store leader, one of several roles held during their tenure there.

“Working within the brand is incomparable. The energy from everyone, both customers and teammates, the positivity and excitement is a thrill! I’m sure other places have outlined Apple’s generous benefits package. It’s true.”

“Best perk? I don’t know. Apple business cards and just being there!” they added.

According to Forbes — statistics as of June 6, 2018 — Apple is a company with a market cap of $926.9 billion, sales of $247.5 billion, and 123,000 employees.

Note from the Author: full disclosure- the individual quoted in this article (who originally was interviewed in November 2018 for the aforementioned story linked within) is a friend of this writer having attended the same high school in the late 1990s..

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