B&H Photo is offering iMacs for the lowest prices of the year the weekend, up to $500 off Apple’s MSRP

Apple reseller B&H Photo has dropped prices on new iMacs and is now offering 21″ and 27″ for up to $500 off MSRP as part of their Holiday 2019 sale. Overnight shipping is free to many locations in the US. These are the same iMacs sold by Apple in their retail and online stores:

– 8-Core 3.2GHz 32GB/1TB iMac Pro: $4499 $500 off MSRP

– 27″ 3.0GHz 5K iMac (MRQY2LL/A): $1549 $250 off MSRP
– 27″ 3.1GHz 5K iMac (MRR02LL/A): $1749 $250 off MSRP
– 27″ 3.7GHz 5K iMac (MRR12LL/A): $1999 $300 off MSRP

– 21″ 2.3GHz iMac (MMQA2LL/A): $1049.50 $50 off MSRP
– 21″ 3.6GHz 4-Core 4K iMac (MRT32LL/A): $1124.95 $175 off MSRP
– 21″ 3.0GHz 6-Core 4K iMac (MRT42LL/A): $1279 $220 off MSRP

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