Apple Acknowledges Blank Screen Issue With Apple Watch, Implements Worldwide Service Program For Affected Devices

NEWS – Some models of the Apple Watch Series 6 exhibiting a certain display defect now have an option to get it repaired free of charge.

Apple — in a support topic posted to its website — has issued a warning to customers about a problem with the always-on Retina display of the Apple Watch Series 6. The issue, a permanently blank screen, appears to be limited to a specific version of the device.

Apple Watch 6
An Apple Watch Series 6 with a Braided Solo Loop and a blue aluminum case. (Photo: Apple, Inc.)

According to Apple, only “a very small percentage” of the devices are affected, specifically, a batch of the 40mm model that was manufactured between April to September 2021.

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Apple Watch Series 6 Service Program

Customers who have been experiencing this blank screen issue are instructed to look up the serial number (check for eligibility) of their device in order to see if it qualifies for repair under the Apple Watch Series 6 service program.

Devices will be examined before any services are rendered in order to verify that it is eligible for the program. Upon verification of eligibility, service will be performed, free of charge, either by Apple or an Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP).

Apple noted in the support topic that if the device has any issues unrelated to the repair of the screen, that issue will need to be addressed first (if this occurs, there may be a charge associated with the additional service).

Options for service through Apple include in-store repairs at an Apple Store or mail-in repairs via an Apple Repair Center (contact Apple Support to arrange this). For procedures involving an AASP, for instance, Best Buy, call the service provider directly for instructions on getting a device repaired under the Apple Watch Series 6 service program.

The Apple Watch Series 6 service program covers affected devices for two years (after the first retail sale of the device) and does not extend the standard one-year limited warranty coverage of the product (note that Apple may restrict or limit repairs to the original country or region of purchase).

Announced by Apple in September 2020, the Apple Watch Series 6 featured a slew of new health and wellness features such as sleep tracking, automatic handwashing detection, and a blood oxygen sensor. Another key feature of the device was an always-on Retina display which did not require the user to wake up the screen in order to check notifications, tap on complications, or view the watch face (especially, in bright sunlight).

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