Details of Apple’s sales tax holiday for 2022. Save in certain US states on specific days

Apple Sales Tax Holiday 2022Apple is participating in the 2022 sales tax holiday again this year. In certain states on certain days customers are eligible to save on the sales tax for items purchased on Apple’s online store.

For 2022, the following states are participating in the tax holiday:

Alabama: 7/15-7/17
Florida: 7/25-8/7
Tennessee: 7/29-7/31
Missouri: 8/5-8/7
South Carolina: 8/5-8/7
New Mexico: 8/5-8/7
Virginia: August 8/5-8/7
West Virginia: 8/5-8/8
Arkansas: 8/6-8/7
Massachusetts: 8/13-8/14
New Jersey: 8/27-9/5

Full details are available here on Apple’s site.

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