Verizon offers free Apple iPhone 14 models to customers with qualified trade-in

iPhone 14 FamilyVerizon is offering a $800-$1000 discounts on Apple’s new iPhone 14 models for new and existing customers with a qualified trade-in. Price of the iPhone 14 will be spread over 36 months of payments, depending on the chosen Unlimited service plan. Final price of the discount will be based on the value of your trade-in.

The max $1000 trade-in value is reserved for customers opening a new line of service. Existing customers can qualify for a max $800 discount. For new lines of service, their $1000 max trade-in value reduces the price of the 128GB iPhone 14 Pro and 128GB iPhone 14 to $0.

Verizon’s deals are live on their site today. Keep an eye on our iPhone Price Tracker for the latest prices & deals on iPhones and plans from Apple and its carriers, updated daily.

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