Apple Mac Studios with M2 Max and M2 Ultra CPUs on sale for up to $440 off MSRP

Mac StudioApple retailer Expercom has the base Mac Studio model with Apple’s new M2 Max CPU on sale for $100 off MSRP, only $1899.05.

Expercom has Mac Studio models with Apple’s new M2 Ultra CPU on sale up to $440 off MSRP. Prices start at $3799.05 ($200 off MSRP) for base M2 Ultra Mac Studios with 24-Core CPUs/60-Core GPUs and 64GB RAM/1TB SSDs. Discounted configurations with up to 64-Core GPUs, up to 128GB of unified memory, and up to 8TB of storage are available. The M2 Ultra Mac Studio with a 24-Core CPUs/76-Core GPU and 192GB RAM/8TB SSD is available for $8359.05. That’s $440 off Apple’s MSRP.

Expercom’s prices are the lowest available for these Mac Studios among the Apple resellers we track. Most configurations are in stock today with free delivery within 2-4 business days.

For the latest prices and sales, see our Mac Studio Price Tracker, updated daily.

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