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MacWorld Magazine"MacPrices is not your average robot site mechanically rounding up prices and availability numbers from online vendors. This site uses real humans to surf the Web (and occasionally even pick up the phone to verify information). They update prices weekly. It's a great place to find free bundles and other goodies." Macworld Magazine, January 2004

"Dig for Deals: If you’re looking for deals on new and reconditioned Apple laptops and peripherals, check out MacPrices. The site routinely lists bargains on the laptops you love.." Macworld Magazine, October 2005

MacAddict Magazine "We'll keep an eye on (MacPrices') iBook Price Tracker." MacAddict Magazine online, July 1999

CNet "Go here ( to look at all Mac pricing in one spot." CNET, February 2007

Alexa Review"The place to go if you're in the market for a new PowerBook or iBook. Good price trackers and classifieds." Alexa review, 2004

Apple "News and Research resources for Apple, Education - The best digital tools for learning: Return to Apple, Reflection on a Year Back in a Mac School, by Noah Kravitz.", 2005

Macintosh Switcher's GuideFeatured in the Macintosh Switcher's Guide, 2004. "I'm always on the lookout for a good deal, and when shopping for hardware or software for my Macintosh, I use a couple of sites that offer current prices for Macintosh stuff at popular retailers. Using these sites, I don't have to do all the hunting, so I can spend more time comparing prices and availability. MacPrices tracks prices on Macintosh hardware. The information is grouped by system, making it very easy to drill down into the specific piece of hardware you're looking for."

Top Apple Blogs to Watch Out For"Established in 1996 and composed of business and IT professionals and writers, Mac Prices helps consumers get the best deals on their Apple purchases by posting product specs guides, product reviews, and the most recent prices, painstakingly checking stocks and prices from vendors to ensure accurate information. The site also reports on market trends and news from the PC industry" Macfixit, 2018

Other Mac website quotes: Price Scanner at MacTech 2010

"MacPrices fills an otherwise void in on the Mac Web and does so with a level of professionalism you don't find in a lot of other sites. If you own a PowerBook or iBook you probably already know about this popular site. If you are thinking about taking the plunge by getting your own Mac portable, MacPrices is your best resource on the web." MacNetv2, March 2003

"If anyone asked us where to buy a new PowerBook G4, the first place we'd point them to is this weekly feature at MacPrices that tells more than we could possible find out on our own.", February 2001

"You've read all about the new model iBooks and can't wait to get your hand on one of the compact little beauties, but where's the best place to buy one, and will you have to pay sale stax, shipping, or what? MacPrices' iBook Price Tracker page will tell you just about anything you want to know. We especially like the breakdown on the various bundles (or freebies) you can expect from various vendors.", May 2001


"(MacPrices) is the motherlode of starting points for new machines. Wish I knew about the site a while ago..."

"Good job on a great web site."

"Keep up the good work on this site. It has been, and continues to be, a very helpful resource!"

"I recently purchased a 17" 1.5/sd reconditioned PowerBook for $1999 from Apple direct, after your site mentioned the offer. Without having had your site make me aware of this great price, I would have compromised my purchase and not gotten the machine I really wanted (I was ready to buy the 15"). Thank you for being of such service to the Mac Community. A friend for life."

"Thanks for a great site. Even when I'm not looking to buy I check the site often just for the bits of news you get and to keep abreast of the market. When it came time to buy, your site was the first place I went."

"I have just came across PBC's site via a monthly-published British web guide. I'm most impressed. It is a very good, friendly site that is fun to use and packed with helpful stuff for ol' dyed-in-the-wool Macnutters like me."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've been enduring daily torture as I've watched here as others have received their 17" PowerBooks and I have waited for my keynote day order from the Apple Store to do anything but generate excuses from Apple customer support. Then I saw your note about Outpost reporting stock -- a quick call confirmed they had 3 that up for grabs, so I grabbed -- less than 2 hours later I have an Airborne Express tracking number! Did I say thank you?"

"LOVE the site, you saved me 100's on my iMac."

"By the way, I love your site. It helped me buy my iBook two years ago, a friend's iBook about a year ago and then another friend's iBook just this week. (What can I say - I'm a big proponent of iBooks.) Your site is cleanly laid out and updated. If only web resources were always so useful."

"Just a quick note of thanks for your website and its phenomenal price trackers."

"Thanks for the effort put into your site. This is the second PowerBook i've purchased using your price tracker."

"I have used your Price Trackers many times and have recommended them to others since they are very useful."

"According to the rebate form my model sku qualifies. So if they come just saved me one hundred smackers. Can I buy you a virtual drink ;-) ?"

"Just want to thank you for the fantastic site. I am trying to figure out which model to choose and your site has been a godsend! Thanks again."

"Just wanted to take a second and compliment you on your site. It didn't take long for me to put a link to you on my Toolbar. I am monitoring the prices with a quick click and looking over the classifieds every now and then. Your site is one of the most useful and functional sites I've ever discovered."

"I was thinking about buying a TiBook when I ran across your web-site. Your price tracking is awesome. You do a great job describing all of the bundles available. Thanks to you, I found just what I was looking for at MacConnection."

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