Charles Moore

Charles Moore (1951-2018) was a well known freelance writer who lived in Nova Scotia, Canada who wrote about the Mac for over 20 years — with a special emphasis on mobile computing from the vintage PowerBook to the current generation of the MacBook and iPad — and his column, “The ‘Book Mystique,” had been a weekly feature on MacPrices since 2011 until his untimely passing in 2018 due to health complications.

Should You Wait For Sandy Bridge MacBook Pros? Pro and Con (Mostly Pro)

AppleGazette notes that pent-up demand for a MacBook Pro refresh is building, especially following Intel’s revelation last week of a controller chipset flaw affecting their new Sandy Bridge CPU family that’s expected to be used in the next Pro models, which will result in production delays. So the conundrum for folks looking to buy a new MacBook Pro is whether to wait impatiently, or just […]