24 Hours to Macworld and 'Breakfast with Steve'
Lead-up to PBCentral.com's Coverage of Macworld 2007

by Joe Leo, Columnist January 8, 2007

FEATURE: (1.08.07)-- Well folks, it's one full day away from Macworld and its official kick-off tomorrow morning with Apple CEO Steve Jobs's keynote address scheduled for 9:00a PST, exactly 24 hours from now. What rabbits will Jobs pull out of his hat this year? What's rumored to be coming out tomorrow? If you didn't catch our coverage from last week, it's time to check it out!

Last Tuesday, we published the main product/software/etc. rumors that are expected to be announced by Apple this year. The biggest one we hope to see the light of day is the rumor of a 12" MacBook Pro, or something along the lines of the return of the "ultra-portable" Mac notebook/laptop.

The day after that, we went "in-depth" on the possibility of this 12" MacBook Pro surfacing at Macworld, and the likelihood that that would happen over the other one (a Mac tablet device... or even something else completely). Though we have no sources on the inside, and our analysis was based on facts we had on hand.

On Thursday, we wrote about what we thought Steve Jobs might have up his sleeve, which, if you didn't read it, might shock you. Thankfully, no e-mails are flooding The Press Box @ PBCentral.com for us thinking so. So, if you didn't read it, go do that and let us know what you think before the real announcements come tomorrow!

Speaking of tomorrow, make sure to come back right here for live coverage of the Keynote. We hope you wish us luck, because it will be this columnist's first time "on assignment" to cover Steve Jobs--previously it's been PBCentral.com's Reviews Editor, Noah Kravitz (who's covering CES in Las Vegas right now)--and also the first time going to Macworld, ever!

We're heading off to San Francisco later this afternoon / early evening to pickup our "papers" at the Moscone Center so that we can attend tomorrow's Keynote--that would be very important, don't you think?--and the two-day User Conference we registered for, the days after that (for personal enlightenment and for our other job).

We plan on taking some snapshots of what's going on amid the hustle and bustle of the people there who are preparing for the big day tomorrow. Other Mac-centric news/rumor/blog sites have posted their own photos, but did so from the weekend. These may be more interesting since the shots we'll have taken will be "just hours" before the show opens. Who knows what we'll find?

Any news and photos in regard to this will be posted here later today, Pacific time.

+ + + + +

9:30p PST-- So, as we told you, we went earlier this evening into San Francisco to pickup, not our papers, but a simple badge that identifies the attendee with their name, affiliation, and a barcode at the bottom. We tried to apply for a media badge since we are covering this as a news event, and that's this columnist/reporter's "beat"-- however, since we already registered as a conference attendee, it was not granted.

Plus, we found out just tonight that even the media have to get in line with the others in order to view Jobs's keynote address. "First come, first served" as it says in the program guide. We thought the media would get a front seat, an "all access pass" but that's been reserved for the people who paid thousands to get in. $1695 to be exact (We can wait in line, thank you. We could get a MacBook Pro with that kind of money!).

Also, we stayed in S.F. a little longer than expected--thus, the reason why this is only being updated now (sorry!)--so Pacific coasters, glad you're still here. Atlantic coasters, you're most likely reading this Tuesday morning, unless you're a night owl.

The photos? Well... another one of those things like the holiday story we endeavored to get during Black Friday, but ended up with something else. Seems like all the hustle and bustle occurred in the morning so that everyone could go home early to sleep in order to get up really early to line up for Steve's keynote!

In the next few pages are three snapshots we took that don't seem to mirror other postings we've seen by the major news/rumor sites, the number one being Macworld magazine themselves. (Funny, because we almost didn't get any shots! The battery in our Canon compact digicam died out. Before we left work, we thought about grabbing the second battery in the desk drawer but thought, "Nahh. We'll be okay." Nope. Our camera phone saved the day!).

Now it's 11.5 hours, and counting until Macworld 2007 begins! And we need some shut-eye soon!! We'll see you all in the morning, LIVE from San Francisco...

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