Macworld Expo 2007: A Look Back, Thoughts, & Wrap-Up

by Joe Leo, Columnist January 12, 2007

COMMENTARY: (1.12.07)-- As the week wraps up and the big event winds down, we take a look back at this year's Macworld from different ends of the spectrum and lend some comments to the overall experience. Since as we mentioned before, this was our first time going to one, not to mention being put on assignment to cover it, live on the scene! The following commentary is a mixed bag, an assorted bushel of sorts, in regard to Macworld 2007.

Keynote: The Experience

In order to get a good seat, lining up three hours before isn't enough. I kind of figured that, but it seems that every year--according to various reports on the web--the line and crowd gets bigger and bigger. One person lined up at 9:00p the night before... 12 hours!! I would have never done that (though who knows). I couldn't believe I stood in line for two hours and never even noticed the time pass by.

And this is the person who said to himself that he'd never be crazy enough to line up for anything like that, kind of like for the Black Friday sales, or for a Nintendo Wii, or etc. Now I know. Maybe next year, I will be one of those who gets in line at Best Buy to snag those limited-time deals. Wal-Mart? Forget it. That's always a madhouse. But let's remember here... it was all about Steve Jobs, and Apple-- the reason I had patience.

Plus, don't forget that I had to cover this live and report to all of you everything that Steve Jobs was revealing to the world. I was almost afraid I wouldn't get in! Thankfully I did, and it went well.

Keynote: Apple CEO Steve Jobs

Some say this was Jobs's best performance ever. Considering the stock options scandal, which by the way, he isn't out of the loop yet. (Don't you just love our puns/references, I hope?). People, including myself, wondered if he would even be giving the keynote address this year whether or not he was allowed to. But that's Jobs for you. Always on the ______. (Fill it in yourself).

For me, I was glad because like I said, this was the first time I've ever gone to one in person. I've always, for the past few years, set my schedule around the former live Quicktime streaming broadcast, and then recently, the delayed streaming broadcast. It was always fun that way, and it doesn't matter if you see Steve Jobs speak on video, or on TV, better yet, in person! He has this way of speaking and captivating the audience.

I bet Jobs could move on to another company and still do the same magic he's done at/for Apple. It's the person, not the company-- why everyone was so worried about him possibly leaving... which is still a possibility. It goes back to why some say this was his best performance ever, of his life! (He did refer to it jokingly, when an incoming call on the iPhone was in regard to stocks, and the guy said he'd call back later. "Maybe this isn't a good time..." the man said).

Just imagine him taking over for Mr. Box. Jack. Hey, better yet, as governor or even as president!

Keynote: Major Announcements

I guess 2007 is shaping up to not be the year of the Mac. At least, not yet. It's the year of Apple, and not Apple Computer, but "Apple Inc." And in those terms, "incorporated" here means that it's about all the products that Apple has incorporated into its core. (Who's keeping score here?). After all, like we said on Tuesday, Apple is no longer just a computer hardware company with its own OS and software. It's that and more.

But it seems like the computer side is being brushed off, what with recent years it's been all about the iPod. And now, it's going to be about having, "Your Life in Your Pocket." Apple shouldn't forget that the computer is what made them known, the Macintosh... the greatest computer--and OS--ever created. It was very odd that there were no "real" new announcements made in regard to computer hardware.

Like, the rumored 12" MacBook Pro that we and others were really hoping for? But let's remember that Macworld is not the only time of the year that Apple rolls out its new products or makes announcements in regard to those for that matter. There are still 353 days left in the year. A lot of days for Jobs to, hopefully, continue making magic. Remember... "The first 30 years were just the beginning." And 2007 ain't over yet!

And the weirdest thing is that the two big announcements were? Expected! No big surprises (save one, a name change, but small).

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