Best Buy in Special Sunday Insert: 'Make Your Move to Mac'
2.5 Weeks After Windows Vista Push, Focus is on Switching to Apple

by Joe Leo, Columnist February 19, 2007

THE SWITCH STARTS NOW: Best Buy included a special 4-page insert in the Sunday newspapers (this one featured in the S.F. metropolitan area) pushing a "Make Your Move to Mac" marketing campaign, just two-and-a-half weeks after the Windows Vista campaign for "The 'Wow' Starts Now." [PHOTO: 2007, J. Leo]

NEWS: (2.19.07)-- "You're creative, brilliant, stylish and mobile. Now you can get a computer to match. Apple-- at Best Buy." How's that for a sales push? Better yet, "Make Your Move to Mac" in big bold words, as featured on Best Buy's special ad insert in the San Francisco metropolitan area newspapers yesterday.

Back in December, we reported to you that Best Buy and Circuit City would be selling Apple computers in their stores again, with Best Buy selling them in select stores (a lot of them in California) and online, and Circuit City only online. [SEE RELATED ARTICLE]

(Current prices available at Mac Prices, updated daily!)

On Sunday, a special 4-page insert was included in the newspaper separate from their regular ad for the week, just two-and-a-half weeks after Windows Vista was the big push in their pages. (What happened to the "Wow"?).

And the wording used in their special insert is as creative and innovative as Apple Inc. themselves.

"Accessorize Smartly"... adorns one page, with the Wireless Pro Keyboard, the Airport Extreme Base Station, and the Wireless Mighty Mouse the first three products on top. At the bottom, ironically, is Microsoft's Office: Mac and Parallels Desktop for Mac.

(In case you still haven't heard, Parallels lets you install Windows, be it XP or Vista, in a virtual mode on your Mac).

The cover page features Apple's portable line, with the MacBook Pro on top, and the MacBooks below it. $10 off 13" Incase bags is the incentive to buy a laptop this week, a product previously unavailable at Best Buy until they started selling MacBooks.

You may remember that Apple has sold more laptops than desktops in late 2006 and this equation by Best Buy to place the laptops up in front seems to only corroborate this marketing into 2007. [SEE RELATED ARTICLE]

Surprisingly, the iPods aren't featured in this special insert, but do appear in their regular ad.

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