Get Black Friday Deals on 'New' Macs 24/7
Why Wait 'til the Holidays to "Shop Victoriously" and Save Cash?

by Joe Leo, Columnist

FEATURE: 11.21.07-- With "Black Friday" coming this Friday (when else?), people will be looking for the steals and deals on the hottest technology: from HD-DVD and mp3 players, to flatscreen TVs and plasma monitors, to notebooks and desktops. One thing you definitely won't find any bargain basement deals on are Apple's products that match those on that list.

You'll find some nominal discounts at Apple's own Black Friday sales, but why wait until the holidays to save big on a new Mac? (On another note, why even buy brand new at all?).

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Ever since Apple forged into the retail sector, they've participated in the holiday shopping rush by having discounts on the biggest shopping day of the year. Based on past years, you can save up to a $100 on a new Mac--something reserved for educators and students only, which can be redeemed any day of the year--or other discounts on iPods and various accessories.

A small deal, but still a good deal. Like we said last year in a cover story, the customer benefits and Apple benefits from people who would have otherwise, never bought a new Mac--or iPod--if not for that $100 discount. (Hey, a penny saved is a penny earned!).

Why wait until the holidays to buy a new Mac in the first place? Second, why buy your Mac brand new too? You can "shop victoriously" and avoid the holiday rush and still get a "new" Mac at a Black Friday-style discount--even bigger than Apple's own Black Friday discount--by doing your shopping anytime of the year, where? eBay!

Don't ask me why, but I finally felt it was the right time to buy that 15-inch PowerBook that I first bought in 2004 but returned two weeks later. Except not new or refurbished--since you'll never find any of those today (and that's why I jumped on it)--but in used condition from eBay.

I figured now was the time to buy because units out there being unloaded by their original owners would still be in somewhat near "perfect" condition, run great and trouble free, and if lucky, will still have a year of AppleCare warranty left on them if so purchased with it.

If you're in the market for a new Mac--a "new" Mac--especially the PowerPC G4 kind, now's the best time to get some great deals on them, especially when the most recent units now on the aftermarket may still come with warranties on them as 2008 marks the expiration of most people's AppleCare warranties that were purchased in 2005 when the last G4s rolled out.

Though in my case, with the 12-inch PowerBook I bought in September 2006, I had the opportunity to get AppleCare on it and that would have lasted until 2009. I passed on it, knowing that I take excellent care of my belongings and am Mac savvy with the ins and outs of Apple hardware.

(Okay, the real reason is I bought the CompUSA extended warranty because it had screen protection covered, and AppleCare does not. Plus, it was cheaper. Sorry Apple!).

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