iPod Holiday Shopping Guide '07 (& Review)
'Which iPod are You?' Buying for Yourself and Others on Your List?
Before you Go Out to Shop for One (or Two), Check this Out First

by Joe Leo, Columnist

FEATURE: 11.23.07-- Today, on the official start of the holiday shopping season, once again, the hottest item on everyone's shopping list has to be one of two new iPod models released by Apple just in time for the gift-giving celebration. The new tiny nano is sure to be this year's hit while the debut of the iPod touch brings the joy of the iPhone sans calling and some features.

Question is, as we've asked before, "Which iPod are You?" (going to get)... good question.

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Back on October 10th, I did a mini preview of a planned full-scale review of the new iPod line. I bought all three iPod models in "Goldilocks" style, not knowing which one I really wanted, so ended up trying all three before making a decision.

One was too hot, too cold, in that fairy tale fashion, before I found the one that was just right. But which one did I end up choosing was the main question and answer readers were left with at the end of that article (to which a follow-up was due sooner than later).

With the holidays coming up, and reports that Apple Inc. was again cashing in on the "halo effect"--just when you thought it was safe to focus on the Mac again--what with the release of the new tiny iPod in the ring (the nano, not the shuffle), I decided to save it for today.

So if you're trying to figure out which one to get, for others or for yourself, read on!

When Apple announced their new iPod line in September, a little after two weeks, I went in to the Apple Store to take a look at the new iPod touch. I also looked at the nano and the classic, but after playing with it for a bit, I moved on to the iPod touch. I was instantly sold over the touch-screen interface and the way you could view photos on the device.

That was on September 18th. Two weeks after that, I returned that 16GB iPod touch and exchanged it for the cheaper by $100 version 8GB model. The rationale for that was that, one, you know Apple is going to update the device about six months from now and it will have more space, and two, because of that, why spend more money for the higher end model?

Yeah, after the whole reason for getting the 16GB model in the first place was that you could get double the capacity and more space for "only" a $100 more.

In order to buy that iPod, I used a credit card that took away funds that could be used anywhere. I had a card for one electronics chain--a "store" credit card that can only be used in that store--that sold iPods, so I got to thinking, why not buy it there and free up the funds for use elsewhere?

I did, and when I got there, they didn't have the iPod touch yet, but had the new nanos. I didn't really want it, since I already played with it at the Apple Store, but the employee mentioned that if I didn't like it, return it within 30 days, no questions asked, nor any open box fees and the like. Well, as long as it wasn't damaged. I took the bait-- hook, line, and sinker.

So now I had both new models in my pocket. The new nano, and the iPod touch.

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