Tek Tuk Mobile Device Case And Bedside “Holster” – ‘Book Mystique Review

Do you use your mobile computing devices in bed? Most of us who own cellphones, tablets, and e-readers do use them in bed, raising the possibility or even probability that they may at least occasionally end up on the floor beside the bed where they can potentially get stepped on or kicked. Ouch! – on several levels.

Enter Twisted Logic Inc.’s Tek Tuk case — an elegant solution to this common problem that if it saves even just one of your devices from getting stomped on and broken, will have paid for itself. Tek Tuk is both a compact protective carry case and a bedside storage and charging organizer for all of your devices and accessories, designed to tame the mess of electronic device bits that may be forming a “moat” around your bed. Twisted Logic, Inc. CEO Kevin Jennings says he’s TekTuk originally an IndieGoGo funded project was inspired by his girlfriend stepping on his iPad one morning while getting up to go to work, rendering it inoperable.

With its nylon webbing handles and three-sided zipper closure, the TekTuk looks like a typical small computer or tablet case. Inside, there is plenty of storage space with a cellphone pocket large enough to accommodate any cellphone or small tablet up to 3 1/4″ wide and 1″ thick (including the 2.64 inch wide iPhone 6 Plus, although it’s just a bit too narrow for an iPad mini)or a Kindle which have to be stored in the accessory pocket if you want to carry them along with a larger tablet or small laptop.

I particularly like the TekTuk in its case mode because of its trim size, compared with the Acme Made Clutch in with Designer Coated-Canvas Exterior Notebook Shoulder Bag (whew!) I pack when I need to take paper documents, file folders and such along, as I frequently do. However, if I just need the handhelds, the TekTuk provides an also handheld alternative that is much less obtrusive, lighter,and a generally more convenient travel companion.

(That said, the Acme clutch is a really nice piece of work, and I’ve found nothing I like better to carry documents along with my iPads. It looks tastefully sharp in dark brown, and the tactile feel of the coated Italian canvas is excellent. Unfortunately, Acme Made has discontinued this product, so if you fancy one, Amazon.com has a few left the last time I checked.) http://www.amazon.com/Acme-Made-Designer-Coated-Canvas-Exterior/dp/B004V9BNS4

iPad minis (alone) and larger tablets can be accommodated in the TekTuk’s tablet computer pocket, into which you can fit any tablet, netbook, or mini laptop up to 11″ wide and 1″ thick. The TekTuk’s 7″ wide, 4 1/2″ tall zippered closure accessory pocket stores your power and charging cords, earbuds, iPods, mice, remotes, USB dongles, etc., and there’s also an elastic document pocket in the TekTuk’s lid for storing and carrying stuff like magazines, airline boarding passes, tickets, and such. A big advantage with TekTuk is that all your devices and their accessory bits can potentially be carried in one case.

What’s different about the TukTuk compared with other tablet and accessory cases is that either at home or on the road in a hotel, the unzipped TekTuk’s front panel can be simply slid between the mattress and box spring of your bed, keeping your still-organized equipment conveniently accessible in a sort of “bed holster,” — not cluttering the bed or in peril on the floor. The TekTuk’s Cord Management loop also lets you route your charge cables through its elastic loops located on either side of the tablet pocket so they are always accessible.

The TekTuk’s MSRP is $49.95.

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