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About the Column

“Mac Potpourri” is a column periodically published on MacPrices (generally on a monthly basis throughout the year) that primarily aims to take an assortment of previously published stories from around the web (e.g., Business Insider, Macworld, and Wired) containing different angles on the same subject matter with Apple, Inc. at its core — the company whose products’ prices are tracked daily on this website — which are then, in turn, combined into one single article in order to provide readers with a better sense of the main idea and/or topic of discussion being presented: hence, the word potpourri in this column’s name. (Note: sources are always cited within the article as embedded links, however, may be updated by their respective publishers and/or deleted over time).

In addition to those types of stories, “Mac Potpourri” also features original content such as a special series called People Profiles which focuses on individuals who use Apple products in their daily lives (or how those items are used to help others). Additional stories also include commentaries, editorials, and product reviews (as well as an exclusive story from time to time).

Latest Stories:

iPhone at Apple

Could A Smarter Siri Infused With AI (‘Apple Intelligence’) Turn Apple’s Smartphones Into Intelliphones?

FEATURE - The iPhone is already smart, but it's about to become more intelligent. AI — short for artificial intelligence — is widely expected to be the main topic of discussion at this year's WWDC (Apple Worldwide Developerrs Conference). According to a report from Bloomberg, the Cupertino, California-based company will ...
Attorney General Apple Lawsuit

Department Of Justice Sets Sights On Apple In Suit Over Unlawful Business Practices

NEWS - The ball has finally dropped on the big Apple. The ball (metaphorically speaking) — an antitrust lawsuit filed in the U.S. on March 21 by the Department of Justice (DOJ) — came down following the DOJ's allegations that Apple engaged in anticompetitive behavior with the iPhone. The Cupertino, ...
Santas Apple Sleigh

Using AI (No… Not Apple, Inc.) To Reimagine A New Ride For Jolly Old St. Nick

FEATURE - If the man in the big red suit needed to upgrade his sleigh, what would it look like? Velotric — a manufacturer and seller of electric bicycles (or, e-bikes) — decided to explore that very thought. From vehicles that travel on land and in the sea to ones ...
Apple 15-inch MacBook Air

Mac Musings: Did Apple Totally Misfire With Its Release Of A Bigger MacBook Air?

COMMENTARY - Sometimes, bigger is not always better. The latest addition into the MacBook family of computers with the Air branding — a model featuring a display measuring 15.3" — doesn't exactly fall under the category of small and super-thin ultraportable laptops but, with an enclosure that (when closed) is ...
iMac G3s

People Profiles: How One iMac Snowballed Into A Collection Of iMacs In Every Color

FEATURE - When the original iMac in Bondi blue was released on this day 25 years ago, there was an individual named Steve (no, not that one) who didn't yet know what role that iconic computer would play in the grand scheme of things, mainly, for Apple, but also for… ...
Tim Cook Apple Vision Pro

Apple’s ‘Vision’ For The Future Of Computing Will Augment The Mac, Not Replace It

FEATURE - The next big thing from Apple is finally here… (well… almost). Apple's new AR / VR headset — the Apple Vision Pro — is described by the Cupertino, California-based company as, "a revolutionary spatial computer that seamlessly blends digital content with the physical world, while allowing users to ...
Bondi Blue iMac

Mac Musings: iMac Turns 25 (Plus? The ‘Mac Potpourri’ Column Celebrates Five Years On MacPrices)

COMMENTARY - The month of May marks two milestones, one for Apple and the other for this writer. The iMac — Apple's all-in-one desktop computer — is now a quarter of a century old. Not even the original Macintosh lasted for that long! While there have been many different iMacs ...
Apple 10-inch iPad

Once You Use A Mac, You’ll Never Go Back…Until? You’ve Used An iPad

FEATURE - The computer of choice for me always has been a Mac but I've since chosen an iPad as my go-to device for computing. The iPad — Apple's tablet computer — has come a long way since it was released back in 2010. It's gone from merely being a ...
Gen Z iPhones

Apple’s Dominance In Smartphone Product Category Attributed To Members Of ‘Gen Z’

NEWS - The popularity of a phone sold by a certain company is partially due to a generation seeing green. Apple's iPhone — in particular, the Cupertino, California-based company’s top-tier iPhones (e.g., iPhone 14 Pro Max) — topped the list of high-end handsets purchased by consumers last year. A report ...
12-inch Apple iPhone Battery

Prepare To Pay More For Out Of Warranty Battery Replacements From Apple Starting This Spring

NEWS - The cost of replacement batteries on certain Apple products is about to get costlier. The service fees — specifically, for requests made out of warranty — that Apple charges for battery replacements are set to change beginning next month. A recently updated Apple Support document with regard to ...
Apple TV 4K

Next Gen Apple TV 4K A Steal But Are Previous Generation Models A Better Deal?

FEATURE - Those of you who have been holding off on getting an Apple set top box can now buy one for much less. A new Apple TV — described as, "the next generation Apple TV 4K" — was announced by Apple in October via a press release posted to ...
Lenovo Glasses

AR Glasses That Work With Apple’s Hardware? They’re Already Here (Except… It Isn’t From Apple)

NEWS - Lenovo has created quite the spectacle(s) with its latest product. "Apple Glass" — the purported name of Apple's forthcoming AR glasses — is not expected to be released until 2025 (at the earliest). However, Lenovo has beat Apple to the punch with the announcement of a new wearable ...
Apple Far Out Event

Announcement Of New iPhones (And, Possibly… More?) Anticipated At September 7th ‘Far Out.’ Apple Event

NEWS - Apple is just 48 hours (give or take) away from taking the wraps off of its latest products. An Apple Event — with the tagline, "Far Out." (as indicated on the invite sent out to the media) — has been scheduled for 10:00 AM (PDT) on September 7 ...
Jony Ive

Design Firm, LoveFrom, Ceases Collaboration With Its Primary Client, Apple, After Mutual Non-Renewal Of Contract

NEWS – Apple's former chief design officer, Jony Ive, now has the freedom to choose whichever clients he sees fit to work with at his own company. LoveFrom — a design firm established in 2019 by Ive — has had Apple as its primary client for the past three years ...
Automobile road traffic

Can Being An iPhone User Really Determine Whether One Is A Good (Or, Bad) Driver?

FEATURE - If you're traveling on the road this summer, you might want to keep your Apple smartphone locked up inside the car's glove compartment for your (and, everyone else's) safety. Summer is here — for some, it unofficially started back in May on Memorial Day — and today, the ...
iPhone in glass case

Now Is The Right Time For Apple’s Mobile Operating System To Be Rebranded As ‘iPhoneOS’

COMMENTARY - Apple should really consider changing the game with the name of one of its software platforms: iOS. "realityOS" — the purported name of the new operating system that will run on Apple's forthcoming AR / VR headset — is high on the list of announcements that Apple is ...
Apple Accessibility iOS

New Set Of Accessible Tools Designed To Help Users With Disabilities Coming Soon From Apple

NEWS - Apple's software platforms are about to get even more useful for persons who are disabled. Earlier this week — days ahead of Global Accessibility Awareness Day (and weeks in advance of Apple's annual worldwide developers conference in June) — Apple (via a press release) gave a preview of ...
iPod touch Black

Apple Discontinues iPod touch, Promotes Company’s Other Products As Means Of Listening To Music Digitally

NEWS - The "gadget of the century" is history. The iPod touch — the only model of the iPod that is still sold — is no more. The device is being discontinued by Apple in favor of listening to music on its other products via Apple Music, the company's subscription-based ...
Apple Watch 6

Apple Acknowledges Blank Screen Issue With Apple Watch, Implements Worldwide Service Program For Affected Devices

NEWS - Some models of the Apple Watch Series 6 exhibiting a certain display defect now have an option to get it repaired free of charge. Apple — in a support topic posted to its website — has issued a warning to customers about a problem with the always-on Retina ...

The iPhone SE (Third Generation) Is Not Only Budget-Friendly, It’s Very Eco-Friendly, Too

FEATURE - The "SE" branding in Apple's low-cost iPhone may unofficially stand for "special edition" but it might as well translate to "saving [the] environment" (or, better yet, the Earth). The iPhone SE (third generation) — the latest version of Apple's cheap and compact smartphone — isn't just light on ...
2022 iPhone SE

Why I Chose To Get, And Feel Right At ‘Home’ With, The New iPhone SE

COMMENTARY - Buying a new phone and choosing which model to get, at times, can be a taxing (pun intended) decision to make. My new phone — an iPhone SE (third generation) — doesn't look any different than the Apple smartphone I previously had in my possession, save for the ...
Speck Presidio2 Grip case for iPhone

How To Tell If A Product With The Speck Logo Is Actually The Real Thing

FEATURE - When searching for the perfect case to protect your Apple smartphone, once in awhile, you're going to (unfortunately) be fooled by Knock-offs that look and feel authentic. Speck Products — a San Mateo, California-based company which manufactures cases, covers, and bags for various gadgets from smartphones to tablets ...
Apple Services

Apple’s Apps, Services Experience Brief Outage Amid White House Warning Of Russian Cyber Attack Threat

NEWS - Earlier this week, numerous customers around the world inexplicably encountered issues when attempting to access or use a specific Apple app or service on their device. Apple's apps and services — from Apple Arcade and Apple Music to iMessage and Maps — briefly experienced an outage on Monday ...
Mac Studio and Studio Display

Apple Should’ve Called Its All-New Mac Desktop Computer ‘Mac mini Pro’ (Instead Of… Mac Studio)

COMMENTARY - Apple, at times, leaves the "average Joe" (in particular, this one) scratching their heads when it comes to the branding of its products. Mac Studio — an all-new Mac desktop computer offered by Apple — was unveiled by the Cupertino, California-based company earlier this month at its "Peak ...
Self-portrait of the artist

People Profiles: An Aspiring Artist That ‘Draws’ Creativity From An Apple Pencil And iPad Pro

FEATURE - The ability to express oneself creatively, whether through words or art, can be especially difficult at times for a person that identifies as an introvert. Meet Carrie McClish, 59, a long-time journalist from Oakland, California who in her spare time takes not a pen to reporter's notebook in ...
Apple Store in Russia

Apple Product Sales Halted, Company’s Services Limited In Russia Amid Vladimir Putin’s Invasion Of Ukraine

NEWS - Apple will be announcing new products today, however, those items will not be making their way overseas to its customers in a certain country anytime soon. Last Tuesday — in response to the "special military operation" being conducted by Russia's troops (at the behest of its president, Vladimir ...
Apple Car Render

Why EVs And Autonomous Automobile Technology Are A Logical Space For Apple To Innovate Next

FEATURE - Unless you've been living on another planet for the past year, you've most certainly come across all of the news and rumors surrounding Apple's plans for an Electric Vehicle (EV) which can drive itself (a.k.a., the "Apple Car") but when will it finally materialize? For the casual observer ...
Motorola RAZR

The Original Motorola RAZR, One Of This Century’s ‘Most Influential’ And Must Have Mobile Phones

FEATURE - As commonplace as the smartphone is today, in particular, the iPhone, before Apple ever changed the world with its iconic device, there was another popular phone in the hands of consumers which was setting the trend for its day. The iPhone — which turns 15 years old today ...
Targus's Cypress™ Hero EcoSmart Backpack,

New Targus Smart Backpack Pairs With Apple’s Find My Network (And? It’s ‘EcoSmart’ Too)

NEWS - An innovative "wearable" coming to the market this Spring just may be the perfect accessory for the Mac user on-the-go for transporting a laptop (and other wares). CES — the annual consumer electronics show held in Las Vegas, Nevada — kicks off today and will run through January ...

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