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Joe Leo is a freelance tech journalist and former educator (teaching technology and journalism for nearly two decades in the elementary school setting) based in the San Francisco Bay Area who began his professional journalistic career back in 2006 as a columnist with PowerBook Central (now merged with MacPrices) and also subsequently after that as a correspondent for Bay Area Newsgroup. He returns as a writer after an almost decade-long hiatus and brings “The Press Box” column to MacPrices where he will report news, reviews, and commentary on the world of technology and all things Apple.

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Joe’s Latest Columns:

Where in the World is Charles W. Moore?

FEATURE: 06.11.18 - Charles W. Moore, a writer here on MacPrices, has been missing in action for a number of months now and inquiring minds want to know: where in the world is he and if he is alive and well. Moore, who has written "The 'Book Mystique" column for ...
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Apple Announcement of Next Version of Mac OS Missing Key Core Component

COMMENTARY: 06.08.18 - At Monday's WWDC 2018, the annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, the Cupertino, Calif.-based technology company once again announced the next version of its operating system, Mac OS 10.14 Mojave, bringing with it another refresh and improvements under the hood. But after almost two decades of the same ...
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New Membership Service from Best Buy Provides Support for ‘All Your Tech. All the Time.’

NEWS: 05.30.18—Last week, on Sunday, May 20, Best Buy announced the debut of their new "Total Tech Support" service for customers, telling those who subscribe to their marketing emails that they can get support in store, in their home over the phone and online, all day and every day. Powered ...
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Apple’s Commitment to Making its Hardware and Software Accessible for All

COMMENTARY: 05.25.18— Apple has one stake to claim that most other technology companies can't. Ensuring that all of its products from hardware to software are fully accessible to everyone right out of the box. I read press release from Apple last week on how it is making coding available to ...
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A Primer on MacPrices’ Newest Writer Joe Leo

Joe Leo is the newest writer to the MacPrices website. He joins the team and will be writing product reviews along with other news and commentary pieces related to the world of technology and all things revolving around Apple. Leo is not entirely new to the MacPrices family having been ...
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