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Joe Leo is a freelance tech journalist and former educator (teaching technology and journalism for nearly two decades in the elementary school setting) based in the San Francisco Bay Area who began his professional journalistic career back in 2006 as a columnist with PowerBook Central (now merged with MacPrices) and also subsequently after that as a correspondent for Bay Area Newsgroup. He returns to MacPrices as a writer after an almost decade-long hiatus and introduces his new “Mac Potpourri” column to MacPrices where he will report news, reviews, and commentary on the world of technology and all things Apple.

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Joe’s Latest Columns:

Brand New Macs Found Susceptible to Being Hacked Due to Recently Discovered Bug

NEWS: 08.13.18- Apple computers are known to be very secure compared to its counterparts and were generally free of viruses and malware until recent years due to its rise in popularity among consumers and the business world. However, a new security flaw has been discovered that allows for brand new ...
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Refurbished, Clearance, and Open Box Apple Merchandise Next Best Thing to Buying New

FEATURE: 08.08.18 - There's just nothing like spending your hard earned cash on a brand new Apple product. The joy of the purchase mixed with the heartache over the funds you just depleted can also be an emotional experience. But getting the latest and greatest doesn't always mean you have ...
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Apple Releases New Products While Discontinuing Others

NEWS: 07.13.18- Yesterday was a good news day for any Mac fan clamoring for Apple to refresh its professional notebook computer line with the release of new models of the MacBook Pro. But it was a bad news day as well and in case you missed it, only discovering today ...
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Retro Reading: PowerBook Central Coverage of ‘iDay’ iPhone Launch

FEATURE: 07.02.18- Welcome to the premiere edition of a new series here in my column on MacPrices called "Retro Reading" where we dig deep into the PowerBook Central archives for headlines written on today's date several years ago. (PowerBook Central, established in 1997 and retired in 2015, was recently merged ...
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Readers of Low End Mac Website Assist in Search for MacPrices’ Writer Charles W. Moore

FEATURE: 06.29.18 - Charles W. Moore, 66, writer of "The 'Book Mystique" column here on MacPrices (from 2011 to present) has not written a column nor been heard from since October of last year and a personal call for help to the Mac web-verse has generated results and found news ...
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Get Rid of Photos Clutter and Free Up Disk Space with New iPhone App Gemini Photos by MacPaw

NEWS: 06.22.18 - Software company MacPaw recently launched their new app for the iPhone called Gemini Photos. The app, which was released on May 22, 2018 is the Ukraine based software company's attempt to enter the iOS software market having established themselves as primarily a creator of desktop software applications ...
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Where in the World is Charles W. Moore?

FEATURE: 06.11.18 - Charles W. Moore, a writer here on MacPrices, has been missing in action for a number of months now and inquiring minds want to know: where in the world is he and if he is alive and well. Moore, who has written "The 'Book Mystique" column for ...
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Apple Announcement of Next Version of Mac OS Missing Key Core Component

COMMENTARY: 06.08.18 - At Monday's WWDC 2018, the annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, the Cupertino, Calif.-based technology company once again announced the next version of its operating system, Mac OS 10.14 Mojave, bringing with it another refresh and improvements under the hood. But after almost two decades of the same ...
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New Membership Service from Best Buy Provides Support for ‘All Your Tech. All the Time.’

NEWS: 05.30.18—Last week, on Sunday, May 20, Best Buy announced the debut of their new "Total Tech Support" service for customers, telling those who subscribe to their marketing emails that they can get support in store, in their home over the phone and online, all day and every day. Powered ...
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Apple’s Commitment to Making its Hardware and Software Accessible for All

COMMENTARY: 05.25.18— Apple has one stake to claim that most other technology companies can't. Ensuring that all of its products from hardware to software are fully accessible to everyone right out of the box. I read press release from Apple last week on how it is making coding available to ...
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