'Live from San Francisco, it's Breakfast with Steve Jobs'
PBCentral.com's Real-Time Coverage of Macworld 2007's Keynote

by Joe Leo, Columnist January 9, 2007

Note: this article is the refined, post-Keynote version of our live coverage from Macworld 2007's kick-off. For the original unedited version prior to this final cut, click HERE.

NEWS: (1.09.07)-- "Welcome to 2007." We're here this morning in the City by the Bay, at Moscone Center West covering the kick-off of this year's Macworld Expo and Conference with the keynote presentation by Apple CEO Steve Jobs. We'll bring you live up-to-the-minute updates from the Pacific Time Zone (this page will refresh itself every 60 seconds) on all the details in regard to the world of Macintosh.

LIVE coverage starts at 9:00a PST. Stand by as we wait for the beginning of Steve Jobs's keynote from Moscone Center West. The presentation is scheduled to start at 9:00a and end at 11:00a. (We've decided to call our coverage, "Live from San Francisco, it's Breakfast with Steve Jobs" since everyone else is using the generic "live coverage of Macworld" headline on their own sites).

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9:13a-- Back By Popular Demand, it's Steve Jobs
Well, if you all thought that the stock options scandal would affect Jobs being in attendance this year, his presence on stage proves everyone wrong! A standing ovation is currently taking place. Jobs is sporting his famous black mock turtleneck and blue jeans.

(There was a bit of a late start in getting the entire audience seated, pushing back the 9:00a start time to a little less than 15 minutes past the hour).

9:22a-- Paramount Content Now Available on iTunes
Jobs is giving an update on iTunes and the music side of the business. He announces that there is a new content provider for iTunes videos, and is currently moving on to Microsoft's Zune. (Jobs shows graphic, stating Zune has 2% market share and audience laughs at the figures).

9:27a-- 'iTV' Gets its Official Name: Apple TV
No longer the code name of "iTV" but "Apple TV" with the Apple logo in front of the letters "TV." Jobs says, "It's that simple." The device comes with USB 2.0, ethernet, HDMI, component video, and Wi-Fi wireless networking. It delivers 720p resolution and has a 40 GB hard drive inside. Content streams from the internet to your Apple TV then to your flat screen TV (or any monitor).

9:33a-- Jobs Demos Apple TV to Audience
The audience is enjoying samples of content that Jobs is projecting on the screen, from movies, to now playing before all, NBC's hit series, "Heroes." Apparently, movies and TV shows not the only thing that Apple TV plays. It also plays music wirelessly to capable home speakers, and displays your high resolution digital photos. [Thus, the digital lifestyle remixed??]

9:37a-- Apple TV to Retail for $299, Available Soon
Headline says it all. (Check back later for exact details on availability... Jobs was too fast for us).

9:40a-- Big Announcement Coming Up / Stay Tuned
The now famous teaser Apple logo associated with this Macworld is being prominently projected on the screen behind Jobs and he announces three new products are being released. Jobs compares it to 1984 and other big product announcements of the past. What are they? A widescreen iPod, a mobile phone, and an internet communication device.

9:46a-- Not Three Separate Devices, Three-in-One: iPhone!
Jobs stuns the entire crowd by stating that these are not three separate devices, but all are rolled into one. And the device will be called? Yes, the "iPhone." No buttons. Widescreen touch-screen display. "Who wants a stylus?" says Jobs. Technology called "multi-touch" created by Apple and mentions that it's been patented, kind of hinting at another company who might attempt to copy it. [Use your imagination on that one].

9:49a-- System Software for iPhone is... Mac OS X
"It's got all the stuff we want," says Jobs. "Not the crippled stuff you find in other phones." (It seems at first glance that it is OS X-like, not necessarily the exact OS X found in Mac computer hardware).

9:51a-- Sync with iTunes. Just Like an iPod
Jobs speaks about seamless integration of the iPhone with your current hardware--Mac or PC--and how all your music, movies, photos, and more importantly, contacts from your address book will sync with your Apple phone. [OPINION: we wonder how that would be "seamless" on a PC if the software for the phone is OS X]

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