'Live from San Francisco, it's Breakfast with Steve Jobs'
PBCentral.com's Real-Time Coverage of Macworld 2007's Keynote

by Joe Leo, Columnist January 9, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: (1.09.07)-- "Welcome to 2007." We're here this morning in the City by the Bay, at Moscone Center West covering the kick-off of this year's Macworld Expo and Conference with the keynote presentation by Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Keep it tuned right here for live up-to-the-minute updates from the Pacific Time Zone on all the details in regard to the world of Macintosh.

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NON-KEYNOTE, But Macworld-Related Coverage

UPDATE-- (2:00p PST) Okay, so we were all waiting for something else to come out of Steve Jobs's magic hat. That didn't happen. Earlier, people who were leaving the Keynote a little early stopped in their tracks when Jobs kept talking after a long round of applause. His surprise, which most in attendance thought would be something Mac-related, turned out to be that guest performance by musician John Mayer. So the Keynote was definitely over... we did not get a chance to update until now. For some early photos from today, click here. (More photos from today's event will be posted later this afternoon/evening, or tomorrow). **Also, stay tuned for an announcement in regard to a new Mac tablet! But it's not from Apple, and it's going to be unveiled at 2:30p PST.

UPDATE-- (4:45p PST) The tablet Mac was apparently unveiled this afternoon, just as we mentioned earlier. Was this a secret Apple announcement? Nope. The tablet Mac is a third-party solution created by the Axiotron company and reseller Other World Computing (OWC). It is a modification to an existing MacBook (non-pro) that turns said product into a tablet. Reaction to the product was mixed, but was met with more approval than not. (We'll have the details, plus some exclusive photos from the unveiling, within the next hour).

11:05a-- Keynote Coverage Concludes
NOTES: Seems like the keynote is over? People are walking out, though some, like us, are remaining behind to watch John Mayer perform for the keynote's end presentation. Mayer comments, "Steve Jobs and Apple Inc. make life fun." (If there are any other details past this, we'll add it after this. Come back later today for any updates, as well as photos from the event).

10:58a-- Jobs Announces Change to Company Name: "Apple Inc."
BREAKING NEWS: From this day forward, company no longer known as "Apple Computer, Inc." Will be known as simply, Apple Inc. (Truly reflects Apple's new identity... no longer just a computer company).

10:56a-- Jobs Speaking About Apple's New Market in Mobile Phones
NOTES: "Today, we've added to the Mac, the iPod...," says Jobs. Hopes to capture good portion of the market in 2008.

10:48a-- Apple to Partner with Cingular, Exclusively for iPhone
NEWS: Jobs says exclusive partnership with Cingular to power iPhone. (Note: the $499 price includes a 2-year contract)

10:45a-- iPhone Pricing to Start at $499 (4 GB) and $599 (8 GB)
NEWS: Jobs says that people who buy phones with music capabilities don't really use it for that because its mediocre so they buy an iPod too. Costs them twice as much money. iPhone will cost the same as a phone and iPod, but have more. Available beginning in June 2007. Partnership announcement soon...

10:40a-- Jobs and Schiller Demo Real-Life Application of iPhone's Features
NOTES: Jobs is still talking about the iPhone and just demonstrated, along with Phil Schiller, how all the unique features of the iPhone work in real-life, and integrate seamlessly together. Now he's comparing the iPhone to four leading brands of "smart phones."

10:30a-- Google CEO Dr. Eric Schmidt Joins Jobs Onstage
NOTES: What's coming up? Stay tuned. The rumored team-up between Apple and Google perhaps? No. Sorry. He just went onstage to congratulate Jobs. "This product is going to be very hot," says Schmidt on the iPhone.

10:28a-- Google Maps Built-in to iPhone
NOTES: Jobs demos built-in search feature of iPhone, allowing users to find places, like Starbucks (to which he found a local shop and called them, ordering 4000 lattes, and saying "Oops, wrong number" and hangs up).

10:22a-- View Web Pages on iPhone Full Screen
NOTES: View full web pages in iPhone's screen. Not WAP style browsers (formatted for cell phones). The zoom in feature allows you to go actual size to a portion of the website being viewed.

10:15a-- Jobs: 'We Have Re-Invented the Phone'
NOTES: iPhone features full HTML, utilizing Safari Browser, rich HTML e-mail, Google Maps, Widgets...

10:06a-- Jonathan Ives in Crowd to Demo First Public Call on an iPhone
NEWS: Jobs makes first-ever public phone call on an iPhone by calling Jonathan Ives, who happens to be seated the crowd. "It's not to shabby is it?" says Ives. Phil Schiller joins in on call with a conference call feature and says to Jobs, "Hey! I wanted to be the first one..."

10:02a-- Jobs Demos iPhone's Key Features to Crowd
NOTES: "The typical things you find on an ordinary phone, in a very untypical way," says Jobs. (One thing we forgot to mention is that Jobs is sporting his traditional black mock turtleneck and jeans)

9:54a-- iPhone Features 2 Megapixel Camera Built-in
NEWS: One other thing? It's a camera too. (Jobs now preparing to demo the actual product to audience)

9:51a-- Sync with iTunes. Just Like an iPod
NOTES: Jobs just spoke about seamless integration with your current hardware. Mac or PC.

9:49a-- System Software for iPhone is... Mac OS X
BREAKING NEWS: "It's got all the stuff we want," says Jobs. "Not the crippled stuff you find in other phones."

9:46a-- Not Three Separate Devices, Three-in-One: iPhone!
BREAKING NEWS: Jobs stuns crowd by stating that these are not three separate devices, but all are rolled into one. And the device will be called? Yes, the "iPhone." No buttons. Widescreen touch-screen display. "Who wants a stylus?" says Jobs. Technology called "multi-touch" created by Apple. (Widescreen iPod built-in). Jobs says Multi-Touch is patented.

9:40a-- Big Announcement Coming Up
BREAKING NEWS: With the teaser Apple logo shown first... three new products being released. Jobs compares it to 1984 and other big product announcements of the past. What are they? Widescreen iPod, a mobile phone, and an internet communication device.

9:37a-- AppleTV to Retail for $299, Available Soon
NOTES: Headline says it all. (Check back later for exact details on availability).

9:33a-- Jobs Demos AppleTV to Crowd
NOTES: Audience is enjoying samples of content from movies, to currently, NBC's hit series, "Heroes." Movies and TV shows not the only thing that AppleTV plays. Also plays music and displays your high resolution digital photos. (Thus, the digital lifestyle remixed??)

9:27a-- 'iTV' Now Named AppleTV
NEWS: No longer the code name of "iTV" but "AppleTV" with the Apple logo in front of the letters "TV." Jobs says, "It's that simple." Comes with USB 2.0, Ethernet, HDMI, Component Video, Wi-Fi wireless networking. It deliver 720p resolution with a 40 GB HD inside. Content streams from internet to your AppleTV, to your flat screen TV.

9:22a-- Paramount Now on iTunes
NEWS: Jobs is updating people about iTunes and the music side of the business, and is currently moving on to Microsoft's Zune. (Nothing special there. Jobs shows graphic, stating Zune has 2% market share).

9:13a-- Back By Popular Demand, it's Steve Jobs
NOTES: Well, if you all thought that the stock options scandal would affect Jobs being in attendance this year, his presence on stage proves everyone wrong! (There was a bit of a late start in getting all the people inside the "stage" area, pushing back the 9:00a start time to just before 15 minutes past the hour).

9:00a-- Live Coverage Starts at 9:00a PST
NOTES: Stand by for LIVE coverage of Steve Jobs's keynote from Moscone Center West.