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Many price comparison websites use robots to gather pricing information from various vendors. This often leads to inaccurate or outdated prices, or prices for left-over, refurbished, and open-box machines. In addition, you rarely get information on free bundles, rebates, or discounts. As opposed to these sites, we use a real person to update our prices each morning. We visit the reseller's website to see the prices and bundles with our own eyes, and if that fails, we pick up the telephone and give them a call. In fact, we visit over 150 pages each morning to verify stock and prices. As a result, we feel that MacPrices gives you the most accurate Mac and Apple prices on the web. Prices are typically updated shortly after a reseller changes their prices. If you notice that one of our prices in inaccuate, please email us right away.

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Our company was founded in 1996 to give readers the information they need to make an informed buying decision, from product reviews and specifications to current prices and deals. We serve 15,000 to 40,000 pages per day from our sites. Our classifieds are a popular alternative to auction houses such as eBay and Yahoo, and our price trackers will give you an accurate price on a new Macintosh from many Apple Authorized Resellers. Our site founder is a registered Apple Developer Connection Member.

Please note that we get a small commission from the sale of some of the products on our site. However, this does not affect the listing and display of the products on our site in any way. We remain fully objective in our listings.

Our People:

Mac Prices is comprised of a team of business professionals, developers, and writers.

Steve Hildreth, Publisher, Webmaster, & Editor-in-Chief

Charles W. Moore, Columnist

Steve Hildreth is Founder and Editor in Chief of MacPrices, and he is also a registered Apple Developer Connection Member. He has been publishing MacPrices since 2000.

Charles W. Moore is one of the most respected and prolific freelance writers in the Macintosh industry. He has written for numerous Mac-related websites since 1998. In non-Mac journalism, he has four syndicated newspaper columns in Canada and has written for several boating magazines.

Note: Apple Computer, Inc. in no way endorses MacPrices. Apple, the Apple logo, Macintosh, Mac OS, iMac, iBook, Power Mac, iPod, Xserve, and PowerBook are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.

Traffic statistics:

December 2014:
752,000+ visits

January, 2011 - MacPrices signs Charles Moore, leading Mac technology columnist.

May, 2006 -Domain name changes. MacPrices.com becomes MacPrices.net.

May, 2006 - MacPrices website recognized by Apple as one of their top five sales affiliates worldwide.

June, 2004 - MacPrices featured in Robert Standefer's new book Macintosh Switcher's Guide