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We do not collect your personal information. We consider this information to be nobody's business but your own. For that reason, we pledge to never reveal that information to anyone for any reason. Nor will we use the information for anything other than our own internal surveying purposes. Your privacy is important to us. You will not get any e-mail from us other than a reply to a specific question or comment. Any other information we inadvertently gleen from you will be ignored and never shared with third parties.

We do not collect or store email addresses. Cookies may be used with respect to some affiliate links on the site, and we may earn a small commission from a sale. These cookies are set by merchants like Apple, etc., and not MacPrices. We do not use cookies at all. We do use Google Analytics as a third-party site traffic statistics program, but no personal information is recorded by Google Analytics.


Email addresses shared with us for our Weekly Newsletter are stored on our server and will never be shared or sold. They are deleted when you unsubscribe.

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