Apple Inc. to Announce New Products Today

What Cupertino will Roll Out Exactly is Unsure at this Juncture
But What's for Sure is this Time Around, it will be Mac Hardware-Related

by Joe Leo, Columnist

NEWS: 8.07.07-- Too bad it isn't July 7th, 2007, since it would be everyone's lucky day (7-7-7). But for Mac fans everywhere, today is their lucky day as it marks another product announcement from Cupertino and just what it will be is unclear based on rumors, but what seems to be for sure is that Apple will be announcing new Mac hardware, putting the "computer" back into Apple Inc.

At the top of the rumor list is a refresh of the iMac line. It is said that the prices will be higher than usual due to the possible sinking of the 17" ship, and turning the 20" model into the new base version. (The 17" model started at $999, and went up in price/size/specs accordingly). What can be expected is a new design based on the aluminum casing along with a keyboard to match.

[It'd be nice if they did it in black, but that's editorializing here, sorry]

Second is the possible rebirth of the Mac mini, despite rumors of its early demise, which may sport a totally new enclosure according to rumors. What can be expected is a move to update the processors which are now "ancient" in comparison to today's current offerings with Intel inside. Reports point to this as being one last chance to squeeze some life out of the Mac mini line and keeping the "sub-$1000" computer in Apple's offerings.

Third is a bump to the MacBook line. However, with an update just a few months ago, this seems unlikely. One source points to today being the release of the "ultra-portable" MacBook Pro, but what's striking is that it will be 13-inches instead of 12 or less. A possible 13-inch MacBook Pro would answer requests from users who feel the 15-inch model is still too big, but not the ultimate answer to bring back the 12-incher or something newer that's even smaller.

While others point to the sixth generation iPod possibly being announced, or even an iPhone nano which was discussed by analysts within days of the original iPhone's release back in June, Apple themselves say this special announcement will solely be "Mac centric"--as one source puts it--leading analysts to believe that it will have nothing to do with the iPod or iPhone which are not, per se, Mac-related in terms of computers.

Lastly, there is a possibility that the iLife software suite (or was it iWork?), which hasn't been updated since last year, may be in the offerings. In addition, late-breaking news yesterday was that Apple's ".Mac" software would also receive a refresher.

Of course, the final word will come only from the mouths of Apple Inc.--most likely Steve Jobs more than not--today at 10:00a PDT from Cupertino, California. You can check back here on this site's front page to find out the latest news and the exact details (though not necessarily a report from this columnist), and see which rumors were exactly that, and which have become fact.

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Note: in order to make the publication deadline, there was no time to credit each source for this article... we do not claim to be the ones originally providing the information above and acknowledge the fact that outside sources from around the web were used to compile this story (which at this point, has been circled around the web en masse and the information used and "shared" mutually by everyone).