Using AI (No… Not Apple, Inc.) To Reimagine A New Ride For Jolly Old St. Nick

FEATURE – If the man in the big red suit needed to upgrade his sleigh, what would it look like?

Velotric — a manufacturer and seller of electric bicycles (or, e-bikes) — decided to explore that very thought. From vehicles that travel on land and in the sea to ones that can fly through the air and in space, the types of new rides concocted by Velotric’s creative team were just as magical as the holiday season itself.

Santas Apple Sleigh
A digital rendition of Santa’s sleigh with an Apple-themed vehicle design. (Photo: Velotric)

Velotric also decided to see what Santa’s sleigh would look like if the world’s most iconic brands weighed in with their own vehicle designs (note that none of those companies were actually involved in the process).

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Designed In California by Apple, Inc.?

One notable vehicle design was the “iSleigh” from none other than Apple, Inc. Velotric described it as having minimalist curves with a touchscreen dashboard and Siri — Apple’s AI-powered virtual assistant — serving as Saint Nicholas’s digital co-pilot.

Some of the other featured vehicle designs were from companies like Google and Samsung (notably, two of Apple’s rivals) as well as high-end car manufacturers Ferrari and Tesla..

Velotric also contributed its own vehicle design, naturally, an e-bike, specifically created just for the man in the big red suit. Dubbed the “e-Rudolph,” this electric bicycle is great for zipping through tight spaces and working off the calories from all of the milk and cookies that Santa eats while delivering gifts around the world on Christmas… plus, it’s green and eco-friendly, too (something that the company is very passionate about).

To produce the digital renditions of these vehicle designs, Velotric employed the use of Midjourney, a generative AI-based tool that converts natural language prompts into high quality images.

“The concept for these visualizations originated from our creative team,” said James Campigotto, a member of the creative team at Velotric. “We carefully selected a group of writers, believing they would appreciate and benefit from these intriguing visual findings.”

“Captivated by the potential insights offered by these visualizations, we were eager to share them. ”

According to Campigotto, this is the first time that Velotric has explored the idea of an upgrade for Santa’s sleigh. To view all of the vehicle designs created by Velotric’s creative team, read the original blog post on the company’s website.

A Note from the Author: a very special thanks to Kayla Brennan, senior digital PR strategist at Fractl, for sharing the digital renditions of Santa’s new rides with this writer (in particular, the “iSleigh”).

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