Apple updates MacBook Air with Haswell CPUs and all-day battery life

 Apple today released new MacBook Airs with Intel’s fourth-generation Haswell i5 CPUs rated at 1.3GHz and all-day battery life. Apple claims 9 hour battery life with the 11-inch MacBook Air and 12 hours with the 13″ models. Now with 3x faster 802.11ac WiFi, the new MacBook Airs are in stock today at The Apple Store with free shipping:

– 11″ 1.3GHz 4GB/128GB SSD: $999
– 11″ 1.3GHz 4GB/256GB SSD: $1199

– 13″ 1.3GHz 4GB/128GB SSD: $1099
– 13″ 1.3GHz 4GB/256GB SSD: $1299

Build-to-order options include Intel Core i7 CPUs for an extra $150, 8GB RAM for $100, and a 512GB SSD for $500.

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