New iWriters Text Editor For iOS With Dropbox and Evernote Support

Yumiko Itoh, developer of OS X apps LightWayText and iText, has released a new product; iWriters for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad — a Text Editor With Dropbox and Evernote Support.

iWriters provides all the power you expect from a full-featured multipurpose text editing program – writing and editing several text documents at a time, saving each file hierarchically in your memory, exchanging them between iOS devices and a Mac, PC, or other devices. You can email an editing text instantly. iWriters also allows you to use the Dropbox or the Evernote directly online, and supports TextExpander touch snippet expansion.

iWriters Features:

* Create, open, edit, and modify multiple text documents in parallel, and save each one hierarchically in your memory.

* Writing and editing are so natural – using just your fingers, and the standard onscreen keyboard and spell checker, and autocapitalize sentences help you write. Buttons like a keyboard’s arrow keys do come in mighty handy to move an editing cursor to the left and the right.

* For a closer look, zoom in a text up to 500% by pinching out.

* Capable of both landscape and portrait.

* Supports TextExpander touch snippet expansion.

* Send any currently open text, or part of this text directly from iWriters via email.

* Save, open, and sync files onto/from/with the Dropbox Server and the Evernote directly in iWriters.

* You can sync iWriters text files to a Mac or PC manually in iTunes.

* The left edge of the screen is useful. Jump to a particular line by tapping, or scroll up or down very quickly by dragging.

* With a few taps, change the selection to uppercase, lower case, or capitalize, or also change it to double width or the normal width.

* Search & Replace. Search the current text or all files for any word or phrase including diacritic letters. You can search for a text with the Regular Expression as well.

* A variety of text settings. Select which best suits your editing – the text style, including the font, size, color, adjustment, margins, etc.

* Keep the file-compatibility while exchanging files between a Mac, PC, or other devices. You can save all the files remaining their character encodings and New Line codes as you opened each file.

* Choose any you want from LF, CRLF, or CR to the return code, and from ASCII, UTF-8, Western (Windows-1252), or Western (Mac OS Roman) to the character encoding.

* Browse the statistics for the whole text or the current selection, including the number of characters, words, paragraphs, and indicate the line numbers.

* Change the overall look of iWriters by choosing appearance options, including the background color, ruled line, and Navigation bar.

System requirements:
• Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.
• Requires iOS 5.1 or later.


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