Nifty MiniDrive Elegant Expansion Solution For Storage-Challenged 13-inch MacBook Airs

If I’d known about the Nifty MiniDrive a couple of months ago, I might have opted for the $200 cheaper 128 GB version of my new MacBook Air instead of ordering it with the 256 GB upgrade, and saved some money. The MiniDrive offers simple, seamless, plug & play storage for your MacBook

The Nifty folks say the way they see it, a product built for a MacBook should be engineered to the highest standards. Every MiniDrive is capped with precision-machined & hand-polished aluminium before being carefully assembled, tested and shipped.

They designed the MiniDrive to be as close to seamless as possible once it’s plugged in. The developers say that through countless hours of tinkering they’ve tailored the colour, shape and fit to match your 13-inch MacBook perfectly. You’ll barely know it’s there.

Plug & Play: No software needed, just stick it in your Mac.

MiniDrive comes in red or silver finish.

Back-Up In The Background

A daily back-up you can set and forget. The MiniDrive integrates with your MacBook’s native Time Machine. Setting up a daily back-up of your critical files takes seconds, and will run automatically while your MiniDrive is present.

The MiniDrive is water- and shock-proof, unlike your MacBook. If the worst happens you’ll still have all of your important files to hand.


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