Major features of the Apple Watch Series 8 compared to the Series 7

Apple Watch Series 8The Apple Watch Series 8 is the latest iteration of the Apple Watch series. It offers several new features and improvements over the Apple Watch Series 7, which is the previous generation of the model. The Watch 8 comes with a new body temperature sensor for ovulation tracking, a new car crash detection feature, and improved performance thanks to the new processor.

When it comes to design, the Watch 8 looks similar to the Watch 7, but it does have a few new color options to choose from. The display is also the same on both models, with the same size and resolution, but the Watch 8 has a higher peak brightness of 1000 nits compared to the 800 nits of the Watch 7.

In terms of battery life, the Apple Watch 8 has a slight edge over the Watch 7, with an estimated 18-hour battery life compared to the Watch 7’s 17 hours.

The Watch 8 also brings a few new software features to the table. It has the existing ECG app that can detect and monitor heart issues, an altimeter for tracking elevation, and a new blood oxygen monitor for more accurate health tracking. The Watch 8 also has a new car crash detection feature which can be used to alert emergency services in the event of an accident as well as an emergency SOS feature to call for help and alert emergency contacts.

The Watch 8 also has improved performance compared to the Watch 7. It is powered by the new S8 chip which has a dual-core processor, allowing for smoother and faster performance. It also has a new GPU which allows for better graphics performance.

The Apple Watch Series 8 is a solid upgrade over the Apple Watch Series 7. It has several new features such as a body temperature sensor, car crash detection, and improved performance. It also has improved battery life and wireless charging, as well as a few new software features. If you’re considering upgrading to the latest Apple Watch, the Series 8 is definitely worth considering.

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