Apple may release high-end Reality Pro device in an attempt to move the VR market forward

Apple Reality Pro ConceptMark Gurman, in this weeks’s Power On newsletter, states that Apple may attempt to release a high-end, nearly $3000, Reality Pro device in an attempt to move the VR market forward. With potential sales to be only a fraction of what Apple sold after the introduction of the iPhone and Apple Watch, the Reality Pro device may be more of a proof of concept design targeted toward software companies to encourage development of killer apps.

According to Gurman, Apple executives believe that future versions of a VR headset or glasses could replace traditional iPhones and MacBooks, replacing the need to tap at a screen or type on a keyboard. This will be accomplished through the use of flexible OLED screens with a dozen or more cameras that monitor a user’s eye and body movements.

Even with such advanced features, the lack of killer apps and a high price tag will limit the attractiveness of a first-gen Reality Pro device. Apple will need to position the product more as a preview of what’s the come rather than a finished next-generation VR device for widespread consumer consumption.

Gurman believes that a 2nd-generation device with a price reduction and good battery life, along with the release of targeted apps, might be enough to propel VR devices into the mainstream. This would allow Apple to be a leader in the market similar to how it led the early smartphone and smartwatch categories.

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