Apple exploring the possibility of adding a high-end iPhone to its lineup

Apple iPhone 14 ProMark Gurman, in this weeks’s Power On newsletter discusses a comment made by Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook during Apple’s most recent earnings call that could be a clue to the company’s future. When asked if the mounting average price of the iPhone was sustainable, Cook expressed that the cost increase would not be an issue; in fact, it seemed that he believed consumers could be convinced to spend more.

Cook commented on the call that customers are eager to obtain the highest quality that they can afford in the iPhone category, adding that the gadget has become an essential part of people’s lives. Additionally, he pointed out that the device is being used for making payments, controlling smart-home tools, monitoring personal health, and holding banking information.

Cook declined to predict whether future iPhones will be more expensive, but he presented a sound rationale for why that could be the case if they offer innovative functions.

Internally, Apple has discussed introducing a higher-end iPhone to the top of its smartphone lineup. Additionally, the company has sought to differentiate its Pro models from the standard iPhones by offering a range of components, processors and cameras. According to Gurman, sources suggest that when the iPhone 15 is released, the Pro Max model will be equipped with a periscope lens, which will increase its optical zoom capabilities. This has led some to speculate that Apple will opt to use a new top-end brand name: the Ultra. The Ultra name has already been used for the company’s sporty high-end smartwatch as well as the highest version of the M1 processor.

Apple could go even further than just renaming the Pro Max to the Ultra, and consider adding a top-of-the-line iPhone model above both Pro models. An increase in prices is a possibility, but people would have to have a valid reason to trade up. It’s uncertain what the premium edition would provide, but likely it will have a better camera, a more powerful chip and a bigger screen. Additionally, it could have innovative components such as eliminating the charging port.

Incorporating this idea, Gurman points toward Samsung. Samsung Electronics Co. has crafted their very own Ultra phone. The phone is equipped with more cameras, a larger battery, a bigger display, a stylus, more memory, and a unique design.

Samsung has been concentrating on the development of foldable phones, which has become the focus of its smartphone strategy. In the past, Apple has contemplated the possibility of a foldable iPhone, however, it’s not likely to be released anytime soon. In the meantime, the company is concentrating on larger foldable devices with the size of a laptop.

A foldable iPhone from Apple would undeniably cost more than the current models due to the sophisticated technology needed for the batteries, displays, and chips. Samsung’s most expensive foldable, the Z Fold4, is priced at a maximum of $2,160.

It will likely be some time before the public will have the opportunity to purchase an “iPhone Fold.” However, judging by Cook’s remarks, it appears a great number of individuals will be more than willing to spend the money.

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