Apple’s plans to update AirPods with new features soon

Apple AirPods ProApple is looking to bolster their AirPods with a range of new features, such as hearing health and body-temperature monitoring, as well as cheaper models and USB-C charging ports, mostly in response to the Vision Pro headset due out next year. Furthermore, the company is exploring a hearing test to detect any potential issues, and is considering how to reposition the AirPods as a hearing aid. Additional features such as Conversation Boost and Live Listen will also be available.

With the launch of the iPhone 15, AirPods Pro will be moving to USB-C charging ports. The regular AirPods may also see a price cut to $99 in order to make them more competitive. Finally, iOS 17 will include new features such as a button press to mute and unmute oneself on calls, and Adaptive Audio to switch between noise cancellation and transparency modes.

Source: Mark Gurman

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