Red Pocket Mobile is offering a $300 discount on the 512GB Apple iPhone 13

iPhone 13 models and colorsSwitch to Red Pocket Mobile and get the 512GB Apple iPhone 13 for $300 off MSRP, only $629. Red Pocket Mobile is a nationwide service using all the major wireless carrier networks and offers plans starting at $10 per month.

They’re currently offering $200 off the 512GB iPhone 13 when purchased with a service plan. After three months of service, Red Pocket Mobile will give you an additional $100 rebate with any new purchased iPhone.

The fine print: “$100 additional rebate after 3 consecutive recurring payments on any monthly GSMA unlimited plan, starting at $20/mo. $100 rebate currently applies on any carrier locked iPhone model. Valid new and existing customers. Existing customers must have a qualifying plan. Only one rebate is valid per line, per year.”

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