Charles Moore

Charles Moore (1951-2018) was a well known freelance writer who lived in Nova Scotia, Canada who wrote about the Mac for over 20 years — with a special emphasis on mobile computing from the vintage PowerBook to the current generation of the MacBook and iPad — and his column, “The ‘Book Mystique,” had been a weekly feature on MacPrices since 2011 until his untimely passing in 2018 due to health complications.

iOS 11: Not A Happy Camper – The ‘Book Mystique

I ended up installing the iOS 11 upgrade sooner than I had planned, and thus far I dislike it intensely. My iPad Air 2 feels clunkier and less responsive with the new OS, especially to gesture input, and none of the new features so far have enchanted me. The reason I took the plunge was that Dropbox stopped syncing with my iPad running iOS 10. […]