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Using AI (No… Not Apple, Inc.) To Reimagine A New Ride For Jolly Old St. Nick

Using AI (No… Not Apple, Inc.) To Reimagine A New Ride For Jolly Old St. Nick Santas Apple Sleigh

FEATURE – If the man in the big red suit needed to upgrade his sleigh, what would it look like?

Velotric — a manufacturer and seller of electric bicycles (or, e-bikes) — decided to explore that very thought. From vehicles that travel on land and in the sea to ones that can fly through the air and in space, the types of new rides concocted by Velotric’s creative team were just as magical as the holiday season itself.

Velotric also decided to see what Santa’s sleigh would look like if the world’s most iconic brands weighed in with their own vehicle designs (note that none of those companies were actually involved in the process).

One notable vehicle design was the “iSleigh” from none other than Apple, Inc. Velotric described it as having minimalist curves with a touchscreen dashboard and Siri — Apple’s AI-powered virtual assistant — serving as Saint Nicholas’s digital co-pilot…