iPad 2/3 Touch Panel Shipments Are Projected To Reduce To 13-14M units in 2Q12 Showing 20% QoQ Decline – Research and Markets

Research and Markets (http://bit.ly/QKX2LW) has announced the addition of the “iPad 2/3 touch panel shipments are projected to reduce to 13-14M units in 2Q12 showing 20% QoQ decline” report to their offering.

Based on Apple’s recent financial report, total iPad sell-through shipments decreased to -11.8M units in 1Q12 showing -23% QoQ decline. Evidently, iPad end demand is weaker than what we previously anticipated and this may be attributed to previous product life cycle transition in 1Q12. It’s our concern that overall iPad component inventories are likely to be higher than normal at this moment. In that case, Apple is expected to adjust down their production forecast with related supply chain in the next 1-2 months.

Isaiah’s Key Takeaways from the research:

1. iPad sell-through shipments appear to be lower than expected in 1Q12.

2. Touch panel inventories for iPad 2/3 are estimated to be higher than normal.

3. CMI might have recently encountered lamination issue for iPad 3 in Longhua plant.

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