Stand Up For The Right To Repair!

iFixIt Ceo Kyle Wiens says:

Toshiba just took down one of the most popular sources of repair information for their laptops, Tim Hicks laptop repair manual repository at Future Proof. Tim’s site is one of the only places online to get completely ad- and malware-free, manufacturer-authorized manuals.

At iFixit, we’re outraged, but we’re not surprised. As the largest online repair manual for electronics, we’re well-versed with how far manufacturers like Toshiba and Apple go to keep service information out the public’s hands.

So, we decided to do something about it – and we need your help to stop Toshiba’s campaign of planned obsolescence.

Let’s [un]screw Toshiba! We want to write a free and open repair manual to replace the manuals that Toshiba took away. We currently have manuals for just a few Toshiba laptops, but it’s nowhere near good enough. We want to write more manuals, but we don’t have the hardware! All we need is more hardware to take apart. That’s where you can help.

Donate a couple bucks here. We will spend 100% of the funds on used Toshiba hardware; we’ll write manuals for them.

We’ll document every repair/replacement procedure in step-by-step guides with high-res, color photos and videoswhich is a far cry better than what Toshiba offers in its manuals.

We’re targeting our efforts at Toshiba laptops made within the last four years. We’re going to start with the 50 most popular Toshiba laptops on the market. If we exceed $10,000, iFixit will broaden its efforts to 100 most popular Toshiba laptopsor however many we can afford with the money. You give mo’ money, we write mo’ manuals. Simple as that.

Every laptop manual we write will help thousands of people repair their computers. But aside from that, there are other fun perks you can opt to receive in kind gratitude for your donation……

For more on that, see:

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