Apple’s Solid MacBook Performance Dusts Sluggish PC Sales

SeekingAlpha has posted an article written by an analyst at Saibus Research, which has published 16 reports on Apple Inc., and in this one they devote their attention to Apple’s Macintosh desktop computers and MacBook notebook computer products, noting that while Apple’s iOS devices since 2009 have generated the lion’s share of revenue and profits for Apple, it still generated $23.22B in revenues from Mac desktops and notebook computers in its latest fiscal quarter.

And while Apple’s Mac desktop volumes were flat in 2012 relative to last year’s levels, that was better than an 8% contraction in the PC market, and Apple’s MacBook portable notebook computer products accounted for 74% of Apple’s FY 2012 revenue and 80% of its Q4 2012 revenue and this is helping to offset the impact of soft revenue and unit sales volume performance of Apple’s Mac desktop products.

Seibus also cites research metrics showing that Apple’s MacBook products had a 27% market share of the personal computing market as of CQ2 2012, and its MacBook Air is set to take 39% of the slim notebook market in 2012, but will slip to 28% in 2013 as Windows-Powered Ultrabook sales rise, but the authors say they can bet their last bottom dollar that Dell and H-P would give their proverbial right arms to achieve growth rates that are half of what Apple has achieved with its MacBook notebook computing products.

For the full commentary (with some great graphs and charts) visit here:

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