Will BlackBerry 10 Help Revive RIM?

Research In Motion (RIM) is set to launch its new BlackBerry 10 platform in late January. While signs of life have emerged for RIM, will the new launch be enough to help RIM compete with Androids or iPhones? Karl Volkman, Chief Technology Officer of SRV Network, Inc. in Chicago, Illinois, explains what is needed from RIM in the coming months.

According to Volkman, RIM is behind of a few key components compared to its top competitors. Consumers decided to ditch their BlackBerry devices for smartphones with faster browsers, easy to use touch screens and a big platform for applications, says Volkman. The new BlackBerry 10 system is said to have productivity tools, a faster browser and 4G capabilities, which will make it competitive with current smartphones. Additional new features include advanced security measures as BlackBerry 10 wont allow users to implement weak passwords.

A main concern for the current BlackBerry operating system is the lack of applications. The new operating system is working towards specific app development and is targeting the big social media brands including Foursquare, Twitter and Facebook. “BlackBerry fans are expecting a lot with the launch and RIM is suggesting they have the necessary means to wow consumers,” says Volkman. “I think the improvements will make a big difference in the smartphone market and have the ability to bring RIM back as a serious competitor.”

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