Frustrating iPad mini Apple Support Saga Chronicled

Gear Diary’s Michael Anderson reports that just before Christmas he posted a rant about the support he was getting from Apple regarding an iPad mini WiFi issue when using the phone and Apple’s online support systems – a problem that had lingered more than 2.5 weeks and was getting more frustrating by the day. Unhappily, after returing the iPad to Apple for service over Christmas, it was returned still not working on 2.4GHz WiFi (it would work on 5GHz).

After a torturous process of negotiation, Apple finally did replace Michael’s mini with a new machine that worked on his WiFi without issue and has continued to do so, proving that the probem was in fact a product defect and not a problem with his home network, which had been insinuated. He contends that non-retail customers are treated as second-class by Apple Support, resulting in this particular issue taking four weeks to resolve, involving four shipments back & forth, and the only reason it got resolved was that Michael himself did the troubleshooting that Apple either would not or could not do on an issue that is apparently not uncommon, resulting in his being sent back the exact same defective iPad mini which was given minimal (and ineffective) testing without any repair three times before getting satisfaction, and that simply should never have happened. He observes that had the (very polite) Apple support people taken the time to Listen for and resolve any issues or concerns, they would’ve understood the situation, and a timely resolution could’ve been enabled.

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