How Chinese Users Charge Their New iPads in Extreme Cold Weather

M.I.C. Gadget’s Star Chang reports that China is experiencing unusually cold weather this winter, with the national average temperature hitting the lowest point in 28 years. The national average temperature had been 25 degrees Fahrenheit since late November, the coldest in nearly three decades. Consequently, Chang says Chinese Apple users find that they are having trouble charging their new iPads.

While staying indoors at a room temperature of 3 to 5 degree celsius (37-41 degrees Fahrenheit), the cold weather will temporarily prevent the iPad’s battery from holding a charge. Once you move the iPad to a warmer area, its battery will hold its charge normally. Chinese users are therefore trying out some unforeseen methods to add juice to their iPad, with the battery needing to be brought into moderate temperature conditions before charging. Chang says many Chinese Apple users are finding their new iPads are afraid of cold air and refuse to be charged, with the most common method to solve the problem being to put their iPads inside a warm bedsheet while charging, and some even using a hot water bottle to warm the back cover as well as using heaters, hair dryers and even their body heat to make their iPad stay warm.

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