Using Dropbox for Version Control and Why Everyone Should Use Dropbox

Macinstruct’s Matthew Cone says that Dropbox is probably not the first name that comes to mind when you think of version control. However, as you’ll learn in his latest tutorial, Dropbox has several powerful features that allow you “undo” any changes you make to files saved in your Dropbox folder – a necessity for those who use Dropbox to store critically important files that can be accidentally modified or deleted.

Why Everyone Should Use Dropbox

Cone notes that a world where people spend days or even weeks working on digital projects, data loss is simply not an option. You can’t afford to lose days of work. But he warns that if you’re still just saving files to your Mac’s hard drive, you’re leaving the storage of your documents and the work they represent highly vulnerable to hardware failure.

Cone advises that f you aren’t using Dropbox or a service like it, you should create a free Dropbox account and start using it immediately. If Dropbox’s servers ever failed, you would still have the files on your Mac’s hard drive. And if your Mac is stolen or its hard drive crashes, the files will still be stored on Dropbox’s servers. “For your own sake, I hope you agree that using Dropbox is a no-brainer!”

[I agree. I love Dropbox CM.]

You can check out Matt Cone’s tutorial at:

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