Using The New 128GB iPad As Main Computer – Is An iPad A Real PC?

iSource blogger brad0885 is posting a series of reports on his adventures experimenting with a 128 GB iPad as a substitute for his 13-inch MacBook Air.

He says over the past few months he’s found himself using his mobile devices more and more and the MacBook Air less and less – not that he doesn’t like the MacBook Air (he says he thinks it’s the best computer he’s ever owned), but its just that his iPad and smartphone are able to do more and more of the basic tasks he requires of a computer, resulting in his using the laptop for literally minutes a day or for bigger computing projects, while spending hours per day on my mobile devices.

Consequently, he’s begun to to wonder why he has a thousand dollar machine sitting on his work desk basically going unused, and has begun to think he could ditch the laptop all together and move solely onto mobile devices for all his computing needs with the recent release of the 128GB iPad providing the perfect excuse to give this idea a try, using it in a week long trial as his main compute and attempting to go the entire week at home and work using solely the iPad.

Likes So Far

Improved Focus – a silver lining to the dark cloud of the iOS’s inability to display two apps or windows open at once on the iPad.

Battery Life – A whole day of heavy use and plenty of battery left to do it all again,

The Ability to Still Type Quickly – but a Bluetooth keyboard is a must for anyone trying to go solely iPad.

Finding a Somewhat Workable File Management System – Dropbox and CloudMagic

Early Dislikes

Awkward Handling of Photos by iOS – New solutions are needed in the next iOS update will be needed to deal with this many photos on an iPad efficiently.

Gorilla Arm – “One of the biggest downsides to going all touchscreen and no mouse is the fact that you always have to reach up to select anything on the screen when using the iPad on your desk with a keyboard” – inconvenience and fatigue of which being referred to as Gorilla Arm by some, and it’s also much slower reaching to the screen to select something rather than just clicking on it with a mouse. He says if there’s one reason that might cause him to eventually ditch the idea of going solely iPad, this may be it. [Editor’s note: the fix for this would be for Apple to add mouse driver support for Bluetooth mice, but they’ve so far been doggedly, perversely stubborn about doing so. Ed.]

Awkward Text Editing – Selecting, copying, pasting, and moving around text on a touch screen is awkward, and replacing mouse clicks and drags with taps and finger holds on a glass screen will never be as efficient as using a mouse.

Extra Steps for Almost Every Task – Doing things on an iPad requires an extra step for many tasks here or there versus a computer

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