QUAN’s All-in-One iPad To Laptop Transformational Accessory Enters Engineering Phase

The feature-packed iPad accessory being developed by Houston-based technology innovator Quantum International Corp. is moving from the drawing board to the workshop. Engineering began this week to produce a working prototype of the device for testing.

The all-in-one accessory has been designed to give the Apple iPad all of the features of a high-end laptop, including peripheral ports, ability to connect storage devices, an extended battery pack, speakers, a keyboard and moreall packed into a stylish, protective case.

“This accessory is going to increase the iPad’s usability far beyond whats currently possible,” says Quantum CEO Robert Federowicz. “There’s nothing like it in the marketplace today, and we expect it to become the top must-have accessory for every iPad fanatic. We’ve contracted a reputable, international engineering firm to construct the prototype, and we cant wait to take it for a test drive.”

Indeed, there is no shortage of consumers eager for hot new iPad accessories. Currently, there are more than 117 million iPad owners worldwide, and the market for accessories is worth $2.3 billion and climbing. A successful product launch could mean extreme, rapid growth for Quantum.

The company has already contacted manufacturers in China about initiating production of the breakthrough accessory as soon as a prototype can be produced that meets internal performance targets.

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