Tablet Wars: Microsoft Surface RT v. Apple iPad

Network World’s Wayne Rash says Microsoft’s Surface running Windows RT is just about everything you’d want in a tablet, but how does it stack up against the market leader, the Apple iPad?

“Well, he says – “once you realize that they’re in two different stacks,” noting that on paper, the Microsoft Surface RT looks like a competitor to the Apple iPad with Retina Display. They both start at $499. The screen of the Surface is slightly larger, with a 10.6 inch diagonal measurement vs. 9.7 inches for the iPad. They weigh nearly the same. Both have an operating system that’s baked in and a host of apps that you can only get from the company store.

But there are key differences….

— While the iPad is primarily a content consumption device, the Surface, which comes with Microsoft Office, is also designed for content creation.

— Where the iPad isolates users from the world of networks, servers and enterprise printers, the Surface works with them seamlessly.

— Where the iPad requires you to work with its iOS grid-of-icons interface, the Surface gives you a choice of tiles, icons or even an actual command line.

Obviously the Surface has capabilities that the iPad can’t match. Rash says if he had to choose, and could afford it, he’d probably buy one of each.

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